Live Blood Analysis For Psoriasis

The health or disease (even though not specific as psoriasis) can be seen under the microscope but the way that live blood analysis is performed and explained by the Live Blood Analysis (LBA) specialists is often misleading and wrong. I already wrote short summarizing comment about the Live Blood Analysis on Facebook: “Live blood analysis as performed by many is actually scam. However I believe that many of them who do Live Blood Analysis do not know that those crenated cells, crystals and other structures are actually from interstitial fluid...

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Sun and Vacation May Clear Up Psoriasis Fast

Many psoriatics have already experienced partial but massive clearing of their psoriasis in just a few days after being out on the beach or vacation. And when I say in just a few days I really mean in just a few days like 3-7 days. This effect is usually linked to having exposed their skin to sun rays (like being on the beach) but this view is completely wrong in my opinion. A lot of us are enough on the sun during the summer and clearing of psoriasis is just

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