Hypoglycemia Causes Night Sweating, Peeing, Insomnia and Anxiety


  • anxiety is often caused by constant excess of adrenaline
  • hypoglycemia causes constant adrenaline release
  • hypoglycemia is very common problem but still doctors consider it as rare
  • emotional stress must be avoided in order to heal the body
  • nutrition is essential – magnesium, B-complex, lecithin, zinc, omega 3,6,9
  • hypoglycemic diet is the best way to heal
  • whey protein concentrate or isolate before sleep may greatly reduce the hypoglycemia during the night


There are so many people complaining about night sweats and waking up to go to pee. And most of them are almost ultimately without any clue what causes it.

When they go to see a doctor the answer they usually get is “anxiety” and less common answers are infection or even possibly some cancer. The major problem with that answer is that anxiety does not cause night sweats.

It is the hypoglycemia which causes anxiety as well as sweating.

If the doctors prescribe the antidepressants for suspected anxiety which is caused by adrenaline (due to hypoglycemia) the health can go just downhill. It may ease the anxiety but those drugs won’t do anything good for the real cause of anxiety and night sweats – for hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia symptoms:

  • hunger (due to low blood sugar)
  • sleepiness (due to low glucose supply to the brain)
  • insomnia (due to adrenaline release)
  • waking up in the middle of the night (due to adrenaline release)
  • anxiety (constant adrenaline excess)
  • confusion and nervosity (actually OCD due to excess of adrenaline)
  • sweating (adrenaline)
  • anger and irritability (adrenaline)


Only the hunger and sleepiness are the two effects of hypoglycemia which are not directly caused by adrenaline. All the other symptoms of hypoglycemia are directly influenced by adrenaline production.

Reactive hypoglycemia is common

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