Monthly Archive: May 2016


10 Things for Psoriasis You Can Buy In a Grocery Store

You can buy a lot of useful things for psoriasis also in a grocery store. Things like dried powdered ginger or turmeric, bromelain containing pineapple and antifungal papaya. Just keep in mind that blood thinning herbs, supplements and foods are not recommended in people treated with blood thinning drugs! 1....


Intermittent Water Fast Every Other Day for Psoriasis

Nowadays a lot of people are about the water fast – usually a one day water fast once in a while. Good digestion and clean digestive tract – sterile stomach, almost sterile small intestine and colon with good bacteria – are the most important factors for health besides the dental...


Curcumin Inhibits TNF Alpha Production and Thins the Blood

Psoriasis is just one of the inflammatory conditions where TNF-alpha inhibitors are prescribed. TNF-alpha inhibitors “are associated with a total cumulative market value of more than $20 billion a year. As well as being expensive ($15 000-20 000 per person per year), these drugs have to be injected and have...