Coconut Milk: How Much Is It Antifungal?

I decided to put the coconut milk in a test to find out how much antifungal coconut milk actually is.

I tested the common cooking coconut milk you can buy in a grocery store – so no fancy “organic, no additives…” – just a regular cheap coconut milk for cooking.

The label on coconut milk states: 80% of coconut extract, water, E412 (guar gum), E466 (carboxymethylcellulose), E435 (Polysorbate 60).

The amount of coconut fat in this canned coconut milk was 18%.

The coconut milk sold in cans is usually prepared by grating the coconut flesh and squeezing it (like through the cheesecloth) to get the liquid – coconut extract. Then the manufacturer adds the pure water to the extract and this is the final product – coconut milk.

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