LDN for Psoriasis: Good Treatment But Still Not a Cure

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is a popular alternative treatment not only for psoriasis. Still the most people do not get it and are clueless about the reasons why and how Naltrexone in low dosages works for so many chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Many doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths agree that LDN is quite an effective and relatively very safe treatment for many diseases. Since I am absolutely sure that psoriasis is an Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction rather than autoimmune disease (or some form of immune disease) I do agree that...

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10 Things for Psoriasis You Can Buy In a Grocery Store

You can buy a lot of useful things for psoriasis also in a grocery store. Things like dried powdered ginger or turmeric, bromelain containing pineapple and antifungal papaya. Just keep in mind that blood thinning herbs, supplements and foods are not recommended in people treated with blood thinning drugs! 1. Ginger Thins the blood and improves the insulin resistance. Ginger is capable of inhibiting the adrenaline induced blood coagulation which is so important in hypoglycemia and when our HPA axis and adrenal glands are dysregulated. If you understand how important

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Intermittent Water Fast Every Other Day for Psoriasis

Nowadays a lot of people are about the water fast – usually a one day water fast once in a while. Good digestion and clean digestive tract – sterile stomach, almost sterile small intestine and colon with good bacteria – are the most important factors for health besides the dental health. One day water fast may be beneficial short-term that day because you may feel somewhat better with more energy because blood is not drawn into the stomach and intestines in order to digest and assimilate the ingested food. Bud

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Liver Flush Debunked, Does Not Work for Psoriasis

The principle of liver flush is quite possibly the most stupid way of natural “healing” which is used for many health conditions including the psoriasis. Do you really think that years of chronic health problems and deteriorating liver function can be treated and reversed by some liver flush and even cure psoriasis? Actually, it is impossible. The idea behind the liver flush is to: relax the smooth muscle with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) soften the gallstones with apple juice (malic acid) drink some oil to make the liver produce more

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10 Reasons Against Healing with Raw Food Diet

1. Generations adapted to cooked foods Whether you like it or not humans evolved to the point where many of us need to eat cooked food to feel satisfied. It is not just about the fact that we need more energy to carry on our daily schedules but also our digestive tracts adapted to cooked foods over the thousands of years and now we are capable of digesting the cooked starches (rice, potatoes, various grains) or cooked protein (meat, beans, lentils or eggs); and if we tried to eat raw

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