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We already have a cure

I agree that it is good we have a lot of research already done however I think (what the great doctors already know for years) that we have enough research now to cure most of the psoriatics. Th mainstream attitude now is that we need to know all about the involved cell receptors, enzymes, messengers etc. so we could suppress them with some drug to achieve clear skin. It is absolute crazy in my opinion. Psoriasis commonly goes along with the metabolic syndrome/prediabetes/diabetes/hypoglycemia/arthritis/fatigue/fibromyalgia/brain fog/depression/heart diseases so I would ask the psoriatics: do you want to suppress the symptom of psoriasis – the plaques – but never mind living with diabetes? And I should say – prediabetes/diabetes is not about the blood glucose number, it is about how you feel. Everything in the body is connected and there are texts that clearly state psoriasis-diabetes-heart diseases-arthritis connection. However now it is established and well known just the psoriasis-arthritis connection. Not to test the blood glucose/insulin in psoriatics is ridiculous since there is evidence that there are the specific bacteria and their endotoxins in the body/skin. The problem is also that most doctors commonly test for fasting blood glucose – in the morning – and just once. Another story is that they don’t test the insulin levels in the blood which can tell even more than the blood glucose alone. Maybe some strains of bacteria will cause the insulin resistance/diabetes to raise the glucose in the blood so they can feed on it, proliferate and spread to the new areas of the body? I think that that makes sense, or not?

So the summary is – yes I am very glad for research but we have far more research on psoriasis and many other health conditions than we would need to cure people from these chronic illnesses.

About your second comment I would rather say – our system is hungry for nutrients (vitamins, minerals) because it had depleted them because of our toxic environment (we need far more nutrients than decades or hundreds of years before), stress and bad gut flora. It is all just about the toxicity and deficiency and these two causes each other.


My opinions:
– hypothyroidism and psoriasis is 100% connected, everything in the body is connected. If health is just one then the illness is just one either, isn’t it? Yin-Yang
– one of the effects of drugs for hypothyroidism is heart palpitations, normally body regulates the thyroid hormones continually as needed over the day- not one pill morning, one at night – as the doctors prescribe. Therefore it is useless and almost never beneficial not to solve the problem but mask it using the medication.
– Gluten goes along with the hypothyroidism. Gluten is the problem mostly when you don’t digest it, and you don’t digest the gluten when you have low stomach acid (which digest the proteins; gluten = protein)
– I believe that many and maybe the most of the psoriatics have low stomach acid

Forskolin is a powerful stomach acid inductor hence it supports the hypothalamus/pituitary gland axis communication pathway which will result in the increased stomach acid production. Forskolin is also the vasodilator and psoriasis is caused also because of tissue hypoxia/low oxygen content. Therefore hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Dead Sea where is higher atmospheric pressure and diving will clear the psoriasis.

But back to stomach acid and Forskolin – hence the forskolin increased HCL production in the stomach the pathogens are killed (it is known that many chronically ill people have their stomachs colonized with bacteria which should be normally exist in the intestines only). The pH in the stomach is often the achlorhydric about 5-7, should be 1-3.

Increased HCL to normal levels will subsequently stimulates the pancreas to produce the digestive enzymes which gets into the blood where they helps the body to dissolve the blood clots (microclots caused by bacterial endotoxins) which are in my opinion heavily involved in the process of the psoriasis plaque creation. Also the liver is stimulated to produce the bile salts what will kill the bacteria in the small intestine and it is also the way liver uses to pump out the toxins out of it. Easy what? Add to the regimen the fish oil, vitamin D3, zinc, multivitamin, high quality b-complex and Betaine HCL if needed and you will be amazed how easy it is to send your psoriasis away!

You even don’t have to be on a gluten free diet and still you can say goodbye to the worst stage of your psoriasis.

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  • March 10, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    I have had psoriasis practically all my life. Now I am 74 years old. High stress time of my life is working in a hospital for 15 years with a small child at home. Husband did little to help me because he was trying to destress from his job.
    Now finally found a functional doctor. Meds HCTZ and Benicar for Hypertensioin. K for HCTZ and Armour Thyroid. Also take many supplements for osteoporosis . I also have many food sensitivities – Allanine (onion, garlic) – migraines. Gluten (have one of the genes) Nightshades (extreme muscle aches)
    Dairy (rash as an infant, etc) Eggs (keeps me hungry the entire day). Plus many more.
    I have not gone the Galantamine route. It is described as the dreaming drug.
    I sleep well (at least 7 hrs per night) Do not remember any of my dreams. Will talk to my doctor about it but am almost afraid to try it. I take so many pills now and really hate to add any more. What are your thoughts?

    • March 11, 2016 at 9:35 pm

      I believe that Galantamine works as anti-inflammatory substance by modulating the alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

      Food sensitivities are usually due to inflammation of digestive tract (small intestine) – SIBO and fungal/yeast infection.

      Dental infections (root canals) are a huge issue.

  • March 15, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    I used a 3% coal tar shampoo called MG217, a 2% zinc pyrithione face wash called DermaZinc, and a cream I put on my hair called Stop ITT. After a couple months my skin no longer shows signs of Psoriasis after 5 years of dealing with it. However, I know if I stop my regimen it will come back. I think the Forskolin is the last piece of the puzzle. Thank you for this info. I’ll get the Forskolin and eventually start working on my gut with Nascent Iodine and probiotics.

  • September 1, 2016 at 3:54 am

    There is a new oral drug for psoriasis called Ortezla and it does basically the same thing as forskolin. Forskolin is a PDE4 inhitor which increases cAmp. The increase in cAmp is responsible for the reduction in T-cell proliferation, TNF, IL-1B, reduced cell growth and inflammation. You can goggle “Novel PDE4 inhibitors derived from Chinese medicine forsythia” for more information. The study is from the National Institute of health.

    The cost of the forskolin is around $20/month if taken two/ three times a day (250mg, 20% ) instead of about $2700 for Ortezla.


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