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Stressful Job, Raynaud’s disease, Paleo and Vegan Diets Failed – Psoriasis Questions #2

Question I have psoriasis for almost 20 years, tried paleo and vegan diet, gluten-free and dairy-free diet but nothing really worked. My psoriasis is not severe but I have the Raynaud’s disease, nail fungus, social anxiety, worsened memory and hear some “whooshing” sounds. I have normal weight, however I experience......

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Hypoglycemia Causes Night Sweating, Peeing, Insomnia and Anxiety

Overview anxiety is often caused by constant excess of adrenaline hypoglycemia causes constant adrenaline release hypoglycemia is very common problem but still doctors consider it as rare emotional stress must be avoided in order to heal the body nutrition is essential – magnesium, B-complex, lecithin, zinc, omega 3,6,9 hypoglycemic diet...