Betaine HCL May Cause Sulfur Smelling Gas and Urine

If you develop sulfur smelling burps, gas or urine after starting Betaine HCL here is the possible explanation. Sulfur smelling burps, gas and urine The most probable cause in my opinion is that Betaine HCL initiates the digestion of protein in the stomach but the pancreas, gallbladder or liver in the small intestine don’t continue the digestive process adequately so the bacteria degrade the protein and produce the sulfur smelling gas. The same applies for stinking urine – if you eat and assimilate more sulfur containing amino acids in protein

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Betaine HCL Works – pH Meter Photo Proof

There are people who claim that Betaine HCL is just a useless supplement since it does not lower the pH of the stomach. Sure it does lower the pH and significantly enough for activation of the protein digesting enzymes! Betaine HCL is actually one of the best selling supplements for digestion. Basically it is just a hydrochloric acid (HCL) molecule bound to Betaine (trimethylglycine – TMG) molecule. This combo forms a salt – Betaine HCL – that you take in capsules. After the capsules dissolve in stomach the HCL and...

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Short Summary on Psoriasis Cause and Supplements for Repair

Yesterday I wrote the short summary about psoriasis cause and cure theory. I posted it as comment on Youtube under the video but I think that it is also good for blog post. If you want you can copy this post and use it on your website in a printed publication but you have to use ALL text without any changes and send me an email with the information where you want to use this text. You are right that you can not cure psoriasis just putting something on your

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GERD/Acid Reflux/Heartburn – Low Stomach Acid or Too Much Stomach Acid?

Acid reflux is one of the most underrated health symptoms today. Although I have covered this topic somehow in some of my posts before, now I would like to specify the problem closer so you could understand what is really going on. In my previous posts I have stated that GERD or acid reflux is caused mostly by low stomach acid. It is actually true that low stomach acid is involved in heartburn of most people, but for better understanding of why the GERD appears in the first place we

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Psoriasis Cure

Bile acids/salts taken as supplement can cure psoriasis There was a study in Hungary that concluded the very positive effects of supplemental bile acids on psoriasis. After the two months there was almost 80% of the treated patients without the symptoms of psoriasis just by taking the bile acids/salts as supplement. And two years later there was still more than a half of patients – 319 of 551 – without the symptoms of psoriasis.[1] So you can buy the bile acids as supplement to speed up the healing and cure

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