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Betaine HCL May Cause Sulfur Smelling Gas and Urine

If you develop sulfur smelling burps, gas or urine after starting Betaine HCL here is the possible explanation. Sulfur smelling burps, gas and urine The most probable cause in my opinion is that Betaine HCL initiates the digestion of protein in the stomach but the pancreas, gallbladder or liver in...

Betaine HCL Works – pH Meter Photo Proof

There are people who claim that Betaine HCL is just a useless supplement since it does not lower the pH of the stomach. Sure it does lower the pH and significantly enough for activation of the protein digesting enzymes! Betaine HCL is actually one of the best selling supplements for......

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Psoriasis Cure

Bile acids/salts taken as supplement can cure psoriasis There was a study in Hungary that concluded the very positive effects of supplemental bile acids on psoriasis. After the two months there was almost 80% of the treated patients without the symptoms of psoriasis just by taking the bile acids/salts as...