Psoriasis: Zinc Deficiency May Be an Omega 6 Deficiency

A deficiency of any essential nutrient may be the cause of every disease possible including psoriasis. The problem is that people get often so hooked up with some idea that they stop thinking about the deficiencies logically. A lot of “health gurus” are OK with fooling you and selling you the supplements over and over even though you did not improve even after months on them. In this post I would like to show you that maybe that “zinc deficiency” is not always a zinc deficiency and it is actually...

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The Most Effective Supplements for Psoriasis You Might Want to Try

If you want to know the details why I consider these supplements as the most effective for psoriasis read the previous blog posts. Best Supplement Protocol for Psoriasis This is for those psoriatics who ask the answer “how to clear up psoriasis fast and easy?”. Some of the supplements below you probably tried already with some (un)success in order to clear up the psoriasis. This list of supplements is ordered by the importance of each supplement in supporting the pathways that are involved in clearing of psoriasis. If you have

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Liver Flush Debunked, Does Not Work for Psoriasis

The principle of liver flush is quite possibly the most stupid way of natural “healing” which is used for many health conditions including the psoriasis. Do you really think that years of chronic health problems and deteriorating liver function can be treated and reversed by some liver flush and even cure psoriasis? Actually, it is impossible. The idea behind the liver flush is to: relax the smooth muscle with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) soften the gallstones with apple juice (malic acid) drink some oil to make the liver produce more

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Betaine HCL May Cause Sulfur Smelling Gas and Urine

If you develop sulfur smelling burps, gas or urine after starting Betaine HCL here is the possible explanation. Sulfur smelling burps, gas and urine The most probable cause in my opinion is that Betaine HCL initiates the digestion of protein in the stomach but the pancreas, gallbladder or liver in the small intestine don’t continue the digestive process adequately so the bacteria degrade the protein and produce the sulfur smelling gas. The same applies for stinking urine – if you eat and assimilate more sulfur containing amino acids in protein

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Artichoke – Bile Flow Support for Vegans

A lot of people have problem taking the bile acids obtained from bovine. Maybe they are strictly vegans or just don’t like the idea of ingesting the freeze dried bile from animals. The nature has an option for them – Artichoke (Cynara scolymus). More powerful than bile acids The study on rats from 2002 concluded that artichoke leaf extract (ALE) has the similar effects as the dehydrocholic acid in terms of its choleretic activity. Orally administered ALE twice a day for 7 consecutive days significantly increased the bile acid concentration

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