I Am Not Psoriasis Free, So What…?

…is this blog full of useless information? And why I would not lie to you and didn’t say I cured my psoriasis in 2 months once and forever? Would you be more confident about the blog where you read “100% Psoriasis Cure in 7 days!”? There is a TON of websites like that and we all know that they have no real content and their all purpose is to sell you some 50 dollar PDF with common recommendations you can find everywhere for free. First, I recommend you to read...

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Forskolin Helps Repair the Neurons and Psoriasis

Peripheral neuropathy and psoriasis have at least one thing in common – both are driven by malfunction in nervous system. So what should be the No. 1 priority? Appropriately functioning nervous system which requests the healthy and well build neurons. Forskolin is one of the powerful supplements which helps in regeneration of damaged neurons. I have some previous articles about the effects of forskolin on the body but one of the less known effects is that it helps with damaged neurons. As you may know I consider psoriasis more a

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Psoriasis – Summary of Causes and Cures

Psoriasis cure for most patients is: Bile acids/salts supplement. Bile salts are the easiest way to clear up psoriasis! It is the most successful way ever documented in the history of the medical research! The success rate is almost the 80 % in 8 weeks. [1, 46, 80] Motto:It takes much less time to cure psoriasis than it took to develop it. Not just psoriasis: The tips in this article (even the bile acid/salt supplement alone) can dramatically improve or cure the following health issues which I have confirmed by

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Forskolin as cAMP Booster for More Energy, Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Psoriasis

Indian herb Coleus Forskohlii (contains the forskolin) is actually one of the best supplements that I have ever tried. Didn’t use it for psoriasis although there are people who cured themselves by taking forskolin daily for about 2-3 months. It is also used in ayurvedic medicine as treatment for psoriasis, asthma, increased intraocular pressure, hypothyroidism, low activity of immune system, and for inhibiting the platelet aggregation amongst the others. I took it just for more energy multiple times for a few days so it did nothing to my psoriasis. However

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Forskolin and Insulin

Since the Coleus Forskohlii active extract – forskolin helped may psoriatics it has one particular effect that many are worried about – increases the insulin. According the next study it is right however what I read they used in the rat study forskolin at high doses like 1,5 mg/kg and administered it intravenously [1]. The most supplements contain about the 20mg-50mg of active forskolin per capsule, so the average person (150 lb/70 kg) would need to take two 50mg capsules and we have to consider that since it is taken

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