Liver Flush Debunked, Does Not Work for Psoriasis

The principle of liver flush is quite possibly the most stupid way of natural “healing” which is used for many health conditions including the psoriasis. Do you really think that years of chronic health problems and deteriorating liver function can be treated and reversed by some liver flush and even cure psoriasis? Actually, it is impossible. The idea behind the liver flush is to: relax the smooth muscle with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) soften the gallstones with apple juice (malic acid) drink some oil to make the liver produce more

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Dead Sea Vacation for Psoriasis May Cause High Cholesterol

This post is to show you how easy it is to get misdiagnosed on cholesterol blood tests due to increased intake of iodine. Whether you go on a vacation by the sea or supplement the iodine from the bottle the results may be exactly the same. You can read about the effects of iodine on cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque formation in my previous post “Iodine dissolves atherosclerotic plaque thus increasing cholesterol levels”. So read this article while keeping this in mind: Iodine supplementation often leads to high cholesterol levels in

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Iodine Dissolves Atherosclerotic Plaque thus Increasing Cholesterol Levels

Many of you probably never heard of this but iodine prevents or significantly inhibits the atherosclerosis plaque development which is associated with heart diseases. Iodine helps to dissolve the cholesterol which directly affects the atherosclerosis plaque formation. Cleaning up the blood vessels of cholesterol plaque is crucial for proper blood flow. I can never urge enough the importance of proper blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues for people with psoriasis. Iodine deficiency does not really mean just the thyroid problems. Fortification of salt with iodine can prevent just the...

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Ciclosporine – A Cholesterol Raising Fungal Toxin

People who decide to take ciclosporin knows just a little about it and its effects. Doctors are used to prescribe this drug as “effective” psoriasis treatment despite its serious “side effects”. Ciclosporin is actually a fungal toxin produced by fungus Tolypocladium inflatum which may naturally occur in soil. Its main effect on the body is suppression of the immune system functions. Psoriasis and ciclosporine So the doctors consider suppressing already suppressed immune system as a way to go. They don’t think about one profound effect which comes after going off

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Live Blood Analysis

You can watch your healing progress under the microscope watching your blood yourself if you are skilled in this area or by visiting the Live Blood Analysis specialist. However I can tell you that it is very inaccurate method if you take just the one blood drop once in a few weeks. It is needed to take 2-3 blood drops separately from various spots on the body to get the better picture how the body heals. Actually since the abnormal HDL molecules are linked to echinocytes (crenated red blood cells)

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