Coconut: Potent Anti-inflammatory Food, May Work Better Than Biologic Drugs

It is a well known fact that coconut has some substances in it which markedly improve or even cure psoriasis in some people as soon as after a few weeks of use (2 – 6 weeks). And it is not just psoriasis but also the other inflammatory conditions which get much better with eating but also topically applying the coconut products. How does coconut make it so well in many other health problems? In case of Alzheimer’s disease it is thought that fat – the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) –...

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Make Own Antifungal Mix of Essential Oils

This article is just for informational purposes only. I DO NOT recommend to anybody to ingest the essential oils which are not intended and marketed by the producers for human consumption! The essential oils contain the fat soluble chemicals which are meant to be the plant’s defense against the pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi. That’s the reason why herbs and plants create those chemicals; plants do not have the immune systems to fight off the microbes so the only other solution for them is to synthesize the antimicrobial chemicals. Today

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Real Price of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular health supplements or superfoods if you want. Its antiviral and antifungal effects are remarkable and it is also a convenient source of energy. It is often used internally and externally in psoriasis. How expensive is the coconut oil? Recently I ran into the discussion on Facebook how overpriced was one of the coconut oil products. They called the price of 22 USD for 29 oz. of coconut oil (1.81 lbs) a rip off. But how much does the coconut oil cost in

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How to Treat the Scalp Psoriasis

One of the worst places where psoriasis can appear is probably the scalp and face. Many people try to cure or treat at least that part of the body because it is embarrassing for them to go out with bad skin on the face. First it is not embarrassing, but if you need to target that psoriasis quickly I have some tips for you. Although I am not a fan of treating the psoriasis some other way than internally by diet, supplements and calming the mind, there are many people

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