Coconut: Potent Anti-inflammatory Food, May Work Better Than Biologic Drugs

It is a well known fact that coconut has some substances in it which markedly improve or even cure psoriasis in some people as soon as after a few weeks of use (2 – 6 weeks). And it is not just psoriasis but also the other inflammatory conditions which get much better with eating but also topically applying the coconut products. How does coconut make it so well in many other health problems? In case of Alzheimer’s disease it is thought that fat – the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) –...

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5 Facts Everybody Ignores About Psoriasis Cure

This post is about the 5 missing facts (almost) about psoriasis cause and cure which nobody cares about. Psoriasis Gurus without much knowledge I am not going to name calling anybody in this post but surely will give you the tips how to avoid the scammers and those who promote just general useless methods for improving the psoriasis. Some of them are maybe just not informed enough or what but the others are doing the slow steps in order to brainwash you and buy useless products and follow useless tips.

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The Best Psoriasis Cure From Doctors

So many people still hopefully believe in doctors and non-for-profit organizations which supposedly “help people with psoriasis”. They believe that the cure is right behind the corner and all we need is to keep up with the latest drugs being marketed by pharmaceutical companies. Sorry, but this is not going to happen anytime soon or in the future. If they were not able to come up with cure in 50 years of heavy research then they will never. They don’t want to… Non-for-profit organizations just Incorporated You must understand that

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The Best Psoriasis Cure: Do Not Treat It, Cure It

First we should define the terms – CURE and TREATMENT. Today medicine can give you just a treatment as they say since it isn’t known for them what causes the psoriasis. Well that sounds bad if you hear it, but wait! They also don’t know what causes lupus, alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, cancer, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, etc. And still they are trying to cure(!) that illnesses? If I don’t know what causes the problem, how can I solve that problem? I would say that first it

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Betaine HCL – Supplements for Psoriasis II. – The Best Supplement for Many Psoriatics!

Every psoriatic who never tried this supplement should give it a try. The studies confirmed that many chronic illnesses are accompanied by the low stomach acid. Enough stomach acid is an extremely critical factor for overall health. Everything what you eat is not actually in your body until it goes through stomach (where the pathogens are meant to be killed by the stomach acid) and the nutrients are subsequently absorbed in the intestines. Ideally you stomach should have the pH about 1-3, however our modern diet depletes the stomach juices

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