How to Dissolve Blood Clots and Thin the Blood Naturally

Most chronic diseases we cope with today are (in)directly caused by bad blood flow which is at least partially caused by hypercoagulation! Another factor in restricted blood flow is Autonomic Nervous System and adrenaline which constricts the blood vessels. Adrenaline also stimulates the platelet activation and aggregation. Thick blood is a well known factor in psoriasis among many other chronic diseases! Sadly, doctors consider thick blood caused by hypercoagulation as problem usually only in health crises which present with immediate life-threatening symptoms like it is in case of pulmonary embolism.

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Bromelain: The Anti-Inflammatory and Clots Dissolving Effects for Psoriasis

Bromelain is a great supplement for a lot of health problems. Considering that inflammation is at the root of most chronic diseases we can just praise the effects of natural and strong proteolytic enzymes like bromelain. You can feel the effects of bromelain in about 20-30 minutes after the ingestion on an empty stomach. If you had stiff spine or other joints due to chronic inflammation and thick blood in the body you would experience possibly very profound alleviation of the symptoms in just about 30 minutes. The only sad

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Ringworm Causes Psoriasis and It Is Contagious

Eventually psoriasis is really the fungus! Yes, it is the fungal infection of the skin and it is contagious. I am not saying that it is just fungal infection – Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction plays major role but what causes the primary immune reaction or suspected vasoconstriction in the skin? Scaly plaques are full of bacteria no doubt about that but the primary cause of immune reaction and the reason why psoriasis plaque develop may be the same as in a disease called Tinea corporis generally known under the name...

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Psoriasis Severity is Correlated With the Fibrinogen Levels

From the beginning of this blog I claim that psoriasis is caused by low oxygen levels in the body and skin. I say the cause or at least huge contributing factor is thick blood what causes bad blood flow mostly in the microvessels which are naturally so narrow that even one red blood cell must be really flexible to go through it. Fibrinogen – inflammation and thick blood What role does the fibrinogen play in psoriasis pathogenesis? Well, fibrinogen is a glycoprotein synthesized in liver which is converted to fibrin

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Stanozolol (Winstrol) – Alleviates the Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

…and perhaps also psoriasis symptoms. First I have to say that I am not promoting stanozolol use for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. This is a synthetic anabolic steroid with many serious (side) effects like liver and kidney damage amongst the others. The purpose of this article is just to put together some information about stanozolol and describe the relation between this anabolic steroid, fibrin and low oxygenation of the body and some diseases that medicine considers as autoimmune. The anabolic steroid stanozolol is highly popular between the athletes

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