Coconut Milk: How Much Is It Antifungal?

I decided to put the coconut milk in a test to find out how much antifungal coconut milk actually is. I tested the common cooking coconut milk you can buy in a grocery store – so no fancy “organic, no additives…” – just a regular cheap coconut milk for cooking. The label on coconut milk states: 80% of coconut extract, water, E412 (guar gum), E466 (carboxymethylcellulose), E435 (Polysorbate 60). The amount of coconut fat in this canned coconut milk was 18%. The coconut milk sold in cans is usually prepared...

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Leaky Gut is Recognized by Mainstream Medicine!

The myth of leaky gut being unscrupulously ignored by researchers and mainstream medicine is one of the most stupid things so called alternative medicine proponents ever said. Leaky gut is not ignored by mainstream medicine or researchers! Leaky gut was scientifically documented and accepted in scientific community long before most of those who are making money by selling ineffective “leaky gut” cures were born. So why is there still a myth of leaky gut being ignored by science? Because science does not like fancy names. On the other hand marketing

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Make Own Antifungal Mix of Essential Oils

This article is just for informational purposes only. I DO NOT recommend to anybody to ingest the essential oils which are not intended and marketed by the producers for human consumption! The essential oils contain the fat soluble chemicals which are meant to be the plant’s defense against the pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi. That’s the reason why herbs and plants create those chemicals; plants do not have the immune systems to fight off the microbes so the only other solution for them is to synthesize the antimicrobial chemicals. Today

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Psoriasis And The Nail Fungus Cure

In my previous post called “Ringworm causes psoriasis and it is contagious” where I have discussed the suspected psoriasis cause (ANS dysfunction + fungus) and whether it is contagious many people opposed that nobody ever catch the psoriasis from them. They completely ignore the major additional factor – Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) dysfunction – which must be present in order to develop psoriasis. Without the ANS dysfunction the same fungi can cause probably just common ringworm infection which will resolve on its own in a few days or weeks. On

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Ciclosporine – A Cholesterol Raising Fungal Toxin

People who decide to take ciclosporin knows just a little about it and its effects. Doctors are used to prescribe this drug as “effective” psoriasis treatment despite its serious “side effects”. Ciclosporin is actually a fungal toxin produced by fungus Tolypocladium inflatum which may naturally occur in soil. Its main effect on the body is suppression of the immune system functions. Psoriasis and ciclosporine So the doctors consider suppressing already suppressed immune system as a way to go. They don’t think about one profound effect which comes after going off

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