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Obesity is Caused by Leaky Gut and Endotoxin Induced Inflammation

Even though obesity is considered as a risk factor of psoriasis the truth is that both conditions have usually the same underlying cause – endotoxin induced inflammation. Being overweight is considered as a problem of overeating rather than a real disease which should be addressed properly. Gaining the fat from...

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Chromium May Be Effectively Used for Psoriasis

Insulin resistance, elevated fasting blood sugar, hypoglycemia – all these symptoms are common in chronic inflammatory conditions like psoriasis. Natural products like cinnamon, omega 3 fatty acids or chromium supplements may effectively lower fasting blood sugar levels via their positive effects on insulin sensitivity. Decreased insulin sensitivity leads to higher...

Insulin Resistance is Caused by Infection

Insulin resistance is involved in most chronic diseases. It is not just diabetes or so called metabolic syndrome. Psoriasis and other “autoimmune” considered diseases are accompanied by insulin resistance, elevated fasting blood glucose sugar and hypoglycemic episodes. Hormonal imbalances are actually often caused by gut imbalances (SIBO and fungi with......

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Low Glycemic Index But Still High-Calorie Meal

Today I want to share with you a tip for easy to prepare main dish that is high in calories so it can provide the energy for those who strive to maintain or to put on some weight while on psoriasis diet. All of the ingredients are low glycemic index...