Metformin Caused Psoriasis-like Eruptions, Alternative is Berberine

It is not unusual to develop diabetes or pre-diabetes along with psoriasis. Actually diabetes and pre-diabetes are just the terms used to name the increased blood sugar levels (usually treated with the drugs like metformin) resistant to endogenous (own – produced by the body) insulin. In my previous articles you can read more details about the cause of type 2 diabetes. But in short what is the cause? Endotoxins and inflammation, yes the same causes like those of psoriasis. It is known for more than 70 years that infection is...

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Chromium May Be Effectively Used for Psoriasis

Insulin resistance, elevated fasting blood sugar, hypoglycemia – all these symptoms are common in chronic inflammatory conditions like psoriasis. Natural products like cinnamon, omega 3 fatty acids or chromium supplements may effectively lower fasting blood sugar levels via their positive effects on insulin sensitivity. Decreased insulin sensitivity leads to higher insulin production which in turns makes a whole lot of other problems. There is a report describing the negative effects of insulin on psoriasis in diabetic patient who switched from metformin to insulin.[1] Having too much insulin flowing in the

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