I Am Not Psoriasis Free, So What…?

…is this blog full of useless information? And why I would not lie to you and didn’t say I cured my psoriasis in 2 months once and forever? Would you be more confident about the blog where you read “100% Psoriasis Cure in 7 days!”? There is a TON of websites like that and we all know that they have no real content and their all purpose is to sell you some 50 dollar PDF with common recommendations you can find everywhere for free. First, I recommend you to read...

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How Many of You Readers Are IDIOTS?

This is a serious question for you! I am not joking and really want you to reply in the comments. I put a lot of work into this blog – a lot more than you can imagine even though a lot less than I would want to. I am well aware already that most of you want everything for FREE! OK, do not pay for (perhaps good) information and spend a lot more time and money on useless supplements, books, healing gurus and protocols. It is your choice. But why

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