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Stressful Job, Raynaud’s disease, Paleo and Vegan Diets Failed – Psoriasis Questions #2

Question I have psoriasis for almost 20 years, tried paleo and vegan diet, gluten-free and dairy-free diet but nothing really worked. My psoriasis is not severe but I have the Raynaud’s disease, nail fungus, social anxiety, worsened memory and hear some “whooshing” sounds. I have normal weight, however I experience......

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Psoriasis And The Nail Fungus Cure

In my previous post called “Ringworm causes psoriasis and it is contagious” where I have discussed the suspected psoriasis cause (ANS dysfunction + fungus) and whether it is contagious many people opposed that nobody ever catch the psoriasis from them. They completely ignore the major additional factor – Autonomic Nervous...