How Vagus Nerve Cured My Psoriasis In 8 Minutes 54 Seconds

This post about psoriasis clearing up is a true story and is just for informational purposes only. Yes, it is all about the vagus nerve because I can not explain this any better way. The only other explanation is that I got so much oxygen into the body that psoriasis started to go away instantly. This is the experience of me as a well trained athlete at that time who achieved clearing up of my psoriasis the way I am going to share with you....

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Bromelain: The Anti-Inflammatory and Clots Dissolving Effects for Psoriasis

Bromelain is a great supplement for a lot of health problems. Considering that inflammation is at the root of most chronic diseases we can just praise the effects of natural and strong proteolytic enzymes like bromelain. You can feel the effects of bromelain in about 20-30 minutes after the ingestion on an empty stomach. If you had stiff spine or other joints due to chronic inflammation and thick blood in the body you would experience possibly very profound alleviation of the symptoms in just about 30 minutes. The only sad

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The Facts Which Link Psoriasis (Just Like Many Other Illnesses) to (Cell Wall-Deficient) Bacteria/Mycoplasma/Virus

  Psoriasis on scalp and face. I think that scalp psoriasis is common because there is constantly less oxygen in the skin due to the hair. Also it is very possible that the hair follicles/sebaceous glands can have a significant effect in the pathogenesis. But still the cause is some pathogen. the plaques have round shape and are growing from the center; the same effect as you can see in petri dish where bacteria are grown (cultured) the plaques are spreading usually not too far one from another; the pathogens

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My Psoriasis Cause Theories

Endothelin may be one of the causes of redness and scaling in psoriasis since it may cause local hypoxia in the skin. The most powerful known vasoconstrictor which is produced by the body is endothelin. [87] There are the studies which prove that the blood from psoriasis plaques contains the significantly higher levels of endothelin than the blood from psoriatics’ normal skin and skin from healthy people.[18, 19] However it may be also that the first the psoriasis plaque is hypoxic (thick blood – platelets, rouleaux, fibrin, etc.) and the

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When I Will Be Healthy, I Will Be Happy

Many people who have psoriasis think about healing it in the very bad way in my opinion. The title of this post express it in a few words but let me write more about it in the next few lines. Many sufferers feel bad about going out with the red scaly skin and rather they are sitting home waiting for time when they get well. Although many people don’t say that still many of them think:   “Now I am not happy because of psoriasis, I don’t go out, I

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