Cortisol – The Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Why Doctors Fail

If your psoriasis or any other chronic health problem developed after a stressful period or event in your life this blog post might be very useful for you. This article will be a little bit difficult to understand completely so you may want to read it twice but I think it is worthy to understand the ideas and evidence presented here in the next lines. Therefore it is written somehow with repeating parts in order to make it easier for you to understand it. In this article I want to...

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Magnesium Is Not Depleted by Vitamin D3

Overview vitamin D significantly increases the magnesium absorption even though less than calcium absorption vitamin D does not cause magnesium loss vitamin D increases the bone resorption (rebuilding of the bone) magnesium significantly reduces the damage to arteries caused by hypervitaminosis D vitamin D activation needs magnesium, but this process can’t be considered as depletion since vitamin D is essential for the body the effect of Parathyroid hormone on serum calcium levels is not dependent on normal vitamin D3 levels Vitamin D3 and magnesium for psoriasis The positive effects of

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Short Summary on Psoriasis Cause and Supplements for Repair

Yesterday I wrote the short summary about psoriasis cause and cure theory. I posted it as comment on Youtube under the video but I think that it is also good for blog post. If you want you can copy this post and use it on your website in a printed publication but you have to use ALL text without any changes and send me an email with the information where you want to use this text. You are right that you can not cure psoriasis just putting something on your

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Why Do Supplements and Drugs Stop Working for Psoriasis After Some Time?

This question has been all over the psoriasis forums since the beginning of their existence and before the internet era it was all the same when psoriatics discussed their condition with each other or the doctors. Drugs – steroids, immunosuppressants, chemotherapy The cause why this opinion that “supplements and drugs stop working” is so ubiquitous is because of the fact that drugs just suppress the symptoms. So actually they will never actually work for psoriasis – they just interact with various biochemical pathways in the body – and the side

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What Supplements to Buy?

Here are the links just to some (those what can help clear up psoriasis fast) of the supplements so you may want to buy and use also the others mentioned on this blog. You can buy supplements from what is probably the best option for most customers worldwide since the shipping is very low. The products are ordered by best price. But you may need to address also the deficiencies taking the other supplements. Here are just the most important supplements like those containing the bile acids and amino

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