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Psoriasis: Zinc Deficiency May Be an Omega 6 Deficiency

A deficiency of any essential nutrient may be the cause of every disease possible including psoriasis. The problem is that people get often so hooked up with some idea that they stop thinking about the deficiencies logically. A lot of “health gurus” are OK with fooling you and selling you......

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Zinc Deficiency Causes Inflammation, Pain and Anxiety Not Only in Psoriatics

Zinc deficiency in psoriatics is well known and was confirmed by multiple studies. Actually when “380 patients with alopecia areata, alopecia androgenetica, psoriasis vulgaris, vitiligo, rosacea, venous ulcer and atopic eczema, [were] compared with 31 healthy people” the serum zinc levels were low in all diagnoses.[15] Supplementation may be inevitable...


Zinc – Supplements for Psoriasis III

Why you should take zinc? – digestion, liver, immunity. Zinc is actually one of the most underrated supplements. Considering its vital function in many processes in the body just thinking about the deficiency of this extremely important mineral is frightening. Without zinc your body couldn’t live. However the three major...