Omega 3 Fats As Psoriasis Cure

How I think about the supplements for psoriasis?

If I should to answer that question you have to understand how I think about the psoriasis. First I think that psoriasis is not a disease but the symptom of some conditions present in the body. That conditions are probably very bad in case that you have severe form of psoriasis. It is impossible to have the severe psoriasis in healthy body with strong immunity and fully working body systems like digestion, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, body without stress etc.

So if anybody get psoriasis I think that it is just a symptom of some problems in the body which have been present for a longer period of time (maybe months, years or even the decades). That means that if you want to cure psoriasis you have to first to relieve these problems (to ease the body) and second to supplement the body to repair more quickly.

Maybe somebody ate bad diet, drank alcohol, smoke, had a lot of stress, had celiac disease or his body just needed an extra vitamins because of its genes. If so that could be the trigger for his psoriasis.
If it is anything of above you have to identify that otherwise it will be still only a treatment not a cure.

Let’s say that you had celiac disease for 10, 20 or 30 years of your life and the body have been continuously deteriorating over that time. You haven’t been absorbing enough nutrients from the diet and then at some point when the body could not care of some processes the psoriasis came. Of course that it seems like incurable disease since there was no explicit trigger around the time when the psoriasis appeared, however that is because the trigger was present for many years already but you didn’t know it.

What is the solution for psoriasis sufferer which trigger was the celiac disease? Go off the gluten and supplement the nutrients which was deficient in the body because of the damaged intestines for all those years. That is why it is so important to follow the nutrient rich diet – green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, oils with omega 3 (fish oil, olive oil), another healthy fats – avocado, nuts, seeds etc.

Fish Oil – omega 3 fatty acids


This supplement is in my opinion the best what you can get for the price. It has so many benefits for the body that it makes it why so many people using it for various health conditions. First omega 3 (anti/less-inflammatory) compete in the body with omega 6 fatty acids (which are pro/more-inflammatory). Since the psoriasis is very inflammatory health condition it is clear that one would need the omega 3 fatty acids and limit the omega 6 which are very abundant in today diets.

One of the effects which is especially useful for celiac disease induced psoriasis is that omega 3 help repair the intestine lining what means that possible leaky gut becomes less leaky (this takes time up to years).

Another effect of omega 3 fatty acids is their capability to thin the blood. Not all of the psoriasis sufferers know but more studies show proofs that psoriatic people have thicker blood even with the microclots. That means that their blood is more sticky and that is the one possible reason why the psoriatic lesions are produced by the body. Maybe because of long term tissue hypoxia in the skin where the lesions are? I am not sure but it is highly probable.

How much fish oil?



Even fish oil is bad in high amounts so I wouldn’t recommend any high doses. However about 3 000 mg

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  1. Catherine says:

    Very nice thought. You got point in what you said. And it’s not bad to try. I prefer krill oil as my source of omega 3. Try too look for more articles about krill oil vs. fish oil and it will tell you why krill oil is better. One reason is krill oil is less contaminated than fish oil.

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