Psoriasis is Maybe Caused by Bacteria

Many resources on the web and in the literature says that the cause of psoriasis is not known but it’s probably something about interaction between genetics (you heard that before) and the environment (you heard this as well). But if you think about it a little – that can be said for every health condition – it is caused by genetics and the environment factors.

However almost nobody has had psoriasis all the time and it started at some point in the past, but what would happen in that point? It is safe to say that it was probably the bacterial infection overloaded the immune system up to the point that it went “crazy”. Bacterial endotoxins, molecular mimicry and overloaded body without the enough supply of the nutrients caused that psoriasis appeared.

Now you probably think about “OK, but where is the proof that psoriasis is caused by bacteria?”. Well although these theories are not fully investigated by the researchers I think that there is already a lot of information supporting the following statements:

  • many psoriasis sufferers cleared their psoriasis while they were on antibiotics because of some other health issues
  • psoriasis disappeared in many people undergoing the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – HBOT
  • Dead Sea (1388 ft./423 meters below the sea level)¬† is a great place for people with psoriasis because they get clear there – higher atmospheric pressure causes higher oxygen supply for the body tissues and as we know oxygen is killing the anaerobic bacteria
  • psoriatics who are diving reports their psoriasis has cleared after some time¬† – as they are breathing a lot of oxygen from the bottles
  • psoriasis is often worst on the scalp – under the hair – and very often improves when somebody goes cut his hair bald. I think that is is because the skin can uptake the oxygen from the air
  • psoriasis is also very bad on elbows and knees. Maybe that’s because in those parts of the body is not so much blood flow


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for psoriasis?

Yes someone could say that oxygen (HBOT, diving and Dead Sea) can reduce psoriasis by some other process than killing the bacteria, however it would be really an improbable coincidence that antibiotics would clear the psoriasis with some other effects, too. Oxygen, of course has many other benefits for the body than just the antibacterial effects.

If you have experienced greatly improvement in psoriasis using some other procedure or nutritional supplement you can share your knowledge with others in the comments.

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