Does Gluten Cause Psoriasis? Think Again…

To say the truth I think that gluten is not bad or at least it isn’t the culprit for the most psoriatics. I don’t eat gluten (bread, pasta, cake, etc.) however not because it would aggravate my psoriasis but because it is hard to digest. So if you don’t feel any particular adverse effect after eating some gluten and even your psoriasis isn’t worsening you still probably not doing good.

Think about the gluten just like a protein – the complex of amino acids. Still don’t get it? I mean why it would be bad for you if it consists of the same building blocks like the other proteins? The answer is because you won’t digest it enough, a lot of gluten molecules reaches the small intestine where they can cause the inflammation and even the autoimmune reaction. Yes, I think that the real cause why gluten is bad is because it is unbelievably hard to digest. Anybody who ever tried to make a dough from scratch using the wheat flour and water knows that it is sticky like glue and pretty solid stuff. It is almost impossible to digest that thing every day for years. Eating that stuff although baked or boiled is extremely taxing the digestive tract and supports the growth of bad bacteria and yeasts.

bakeryThe answer to cure psoriasis lies mostly in healing the digestive system – stomach, pancreas and liver (those 3 organs will cure the leaky gut). No jokes, really the answer for the most psoriasis cases is just to tune up the stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes and bile salts.

Gluten is not especially good for the body so giving up mostly the wheat and perhaps the other gluten containing grains wouldn’t be bad for many of us. However I believe that for the most psoriatics the gluten isn’t the biggest problem and a lot of people on the forums confirmed that. Those people reports that although they are on a gluten free diet, their psoriasis isn’t away or maybe just a few patches disappeared after a long time like after the months or year.

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