Interesting Answers on Some Common Psoriasis Related Questions


Can be psoriasis cured researching the genetic code?
As I wrote in my other post it is useless to focus on genetics in so detailed way when treating psoriasis. I think it’s useless because even if we would have everybody with their own genome decoded we would still have had to decode the genome of all the bacteria in that person and in the environment and it is impossible (gene mutations). And still those genes would be affected by food, toxins, lifestyle and the other environmental factors. That’s why the genetics won’t cure psoriasis in the way that we would know how every one gene works and interacts with each other.

However even today it is already possible to suppress the symptoms of psoriasis with drugs which actually works against the immunity genes, but suppressing is not a cure.

Why does stress aggravate psoriasis?
hurry_up A long story short – a higher nutrient demand, a higher nutrient loss and because the immunity goes side as the adrenaline/cortisol prepares the body for an acute danger.

Many great doctors (and studies) link psoriasis to digestive tract and they personally cured the hundreds of people with psoriasis. There is a lot of research that links the digestive tract and psoriasis and what treatments can help – Betaine HCL, probiotics, enzymes and artichoke or bile acids. All these things help the digestive tract in some kind of way.

Why does diet affect our skin so badly?
You feed bad bacteria or help the good one. Also the psoriatics have their immune system unbalanced since as the research shows it is overloaded. That’s probably the reason why various foods can have the bad effects on psoriasis. However not all of the psoriatics are affected clearly by food they eat.

Why are there so different responses to food?
breadDifferent levels of critical nutrients – vitamins, minerals, different infections (chronic) and of course genes. Body always handle everything the best as possible with the raw material it has. That is the point where the genes are involved – our bodies react differently however that doesn’t mean that they react bad. Supply the missing nutrients and the body will do the best as possible.

Why are there the different types of psoriasis?
Different infections (various bacterial strains and perhaps the viruses) and the same causes as written for the question above.

Connection between psoriasis, vitiligo and hypothyroidism?
bugsVarious and different infections, toxins, food allergies, different nutrient deficiencies and the different genes handle that differently. Because of some nutrient deficiency you can’t absorb and utilize some another nutrient and also the cells can’t function as they should so they may start to attack the thyroid gland (or the pathogens can do so).

Difference between psoriasis and MSG/salicylate sensitivity?
It is different in many people when you want the answer on a cellular level. But still it is just deficiency or toxicity. The leaky gut develops because of bad bacteria/yeasts, celiac disease etc. and the bacterial toxins, bacteria, undigested proteins can flow to the blood stream.

Imagine that your body is missing some vitamin/mineral which is very important for MSG breakdown/regulation – If that happen then of course that the body can’t function normally until you supply the needed essential nutrients.

Every chronic disease is just a toxicity or deficiency –

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