Probiotics – Supplements for Psoriasis IV

This type of supplements is one of the most popular today. The producers are selling the basic probiotics containing from a few million bacteria per capsule up to tens of billions bacteria in one little capsule.

I believe that many probiotic products have really good quality however I don’t think that any particular one will clear psoriasis in many sufferers. That doesn’t mean that you should not use it but I would say that if you can’t afford to buy many supplements, the better option would be high quality omega 3 fish oil and Vitamin D add the money to healthy diet budget.

What probiotics, right dose and how long to take?

Although the usual probiotics – 20 billions a day didn’t do anything particular for my psoriasis that doesn’t mean that let’s say 500 billions of bacteria taken as multiple probiotic products a day wouldn’t be more effective. But there is still a question for how long one should take so high dose until some results would be visible if any. And of course this could cause severe diarrhea, pain or even worse health conditions in some people, so I do not recommend that.

Even beneficial bacteria can be harmful if they are overgrown in the intestines or even grow in some places where they shouldn’t be.

So if you would like to try some probiotics for psoriasis or general health, I think the best is to use various probiotic products (with different strains of bacteria) from different manufacturers. Human intestinal flora has hundreds different strains of bacteria and therefore it is always better to take various products rather than stick with one particular product for a long time. About 50 billions of bacteria a day in two divided doses morning and evening will probably fit most people. It is always better to buy from well known brands where you can be almost sure that the products contain what is on the bottle. And also use various products as mentioned above.


Despite the greatness of probiotics they are still just a supplement that is supposed to help in building the health. Probiotics are not some miracle cure for those who eat junk food and have quite a bad lifestyle, but they are great supplement for those who have good diet and want to support it with beneficial bacteria.

That’s why I don’t think that not enough good bacteria in the intestines can’t be easily fixed long-term with just probiotics, however quality they are. The health is a process not something that you achieve once and will stay for a long time without right lifestyle.

1 month supply of quality stabilized probiotics (the quality will not diminish when not refrigerated during transport) when taken 1 capsule two times a day:

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