When I Will Be Healthy, I Will Be Happy

Many people who have psoriasis think about healing it in the very bad way in my opinion. The title of this post express it in a few words but let me write more about it in the next few lines.

Many sufferers feel bad about going out with the red scaly skin and rather they are sitting home waiting for time when they get well. Although many people don’t say that still many of them think:
“Now I am not happy because of psoriasis, I don’t go out, I am not meeting people because of my skin. But as soon as my psoriasis will go away I will be happy an will hanging out with others. I’ll be enjoying my life.”wrong

This attitude is really bad in my opinion.


Because it is much harder to heal psoriasis if you are not happy. I say be happy now, then you can be cured. Waiting till you get cured and thinking that then you will be happy doesn’t work. You have to be happy now because your body listen to your mind. Not enjoying your life doesn’t help cure your psoriasis faster. It has the opposite effect.

You should go out with friends, breathe the oxygen from the outside air which is one of the most important factors in treatment of many chronic illnesses, exercise, nourish your body as well as mind.

Just sitting and waiting for body to fight off psoriasis means that you are not helping the body. If your body wouldn’t do its best to fight with psoriasis causes already you would be covered from head to toe now. And even in that case it would still trying to resolve the problem but was too weak and that’s why you, your mind and will should help it in any way you can.

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