Why We Like Gluten?

Gluten as a cause of psoriasis in some people is nothing new. There is a lot of psoriatics who eliminated gluten from their diets and cured their psoriasis this way.

How does gluten induce psoriasis in some people?

Well, it is not about the direct link between gluten and psoriasis.

As you may read in my post Allergy and Diet (part 1): The Ultimate Cure For Psoriasis And Inflammation gluten or any other food protein just drives the inflammatory pathways in the body.

Then depending on your genes and other factors – psoriasis, diabetes, arthritis, asthma – and other chronic inflammatory diseases appear.

Psoriatics don’t like gluten and wheat

I think that we actually don’t like gluten, but we are comfortable and used to it since childhood.

Almost everybody who tasted pure white flower would say that it does not taste very good.

Actually it has no specific taste and therefore the bakers use yeast, salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sugar, fat, flavours etc. to make it more tasteful.

Grains are often contaminated with mycotoxins. Glyphosate is often applied shortly before harvesting.

Grains are often contaminated with mycotoxins. Glyphosate is often applied shortly before harvesting.

When the children are maybe 2 years old many parents give them for the first time something made from the wheat and often it is some sweet cookie.

And that’s in my opinion where it all begins – sweet taste.

The brain in that moment binds the sweet taste (glucose/fructose) with the wheat (gluten).

Later the sweet cereals are added (sugar with gluten) to the diet, yoghurt (fat which body recognize and need) with cereals (gluten), sweet jam (sugar) with some bread (gluten), hamburger with meat (protein, fat) with bagel (gluten), etc.

Psoriasis cured on gluten-free diet

Gluten as cause of psoriasis?

Actually wheat (gluten) is something that comes along almost every meal in life and therefore many people can’t imagine to eat without it.

It is convenient, but not so tasty for many of those who tried to go off of gluten (wheat and the other gluten grains) for 3-4 weeks.

Many people who tried to go off of the gluten for some weeks say that it doesn’t taste so good anymore.


For those who are on gluten free diet there are still some good and cheap options – rice, corn and oats – are generally better tolerated, easier to digest and more palatable.

Just keep in mind that corn is often contaminated with pretty high amounts of mycotoxins.

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