How Long to Take Supplements to See Some Effect in Psoriasis?

Many psoriatics try dozens and dozens of various supplements before they find something that works for them. Everybody is different and many cases of psoriasis may be caused by completely different underlying causes, however there are some supplements like omega 3 and vitamin D that works for the most psoriatics.


The question with the supplements is how much to take and for how long if you want to see if it is working for you. Well the recommended doses on the bottles are usually the amounts which are tailored for healthy people and are used solely as a supplement. Many people take various supplements (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, etc.) in doses which are much higher than stated on the bottles. That is called the – therapeutic doses – of supplement.

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The reason is that people with some chronic illness have impaired absorption from the digestive tract as well as less effective utilization of the nutrients. But it is important for those who take the high doses of supplements that they know what are they doing. Usually there are no problems when many of the supplements are taken at higher doses however for example vitamin A, vitamin D or vitamin B6 among others can cause serious issues when taken in extremely high doses. So don’t think that the more vitamins and supplements you eat the better the outcome is. Below is the list of supplements and the dosages that proved very effective and safe in normal circumstances. Also the best is to take the supplements in at least two divided doses (morning and evening).

Therapeutic doses

For those who suffer with some chronic illness it is usual that they are taking already mentioned therapeutic doses which means that their daily intake of any particular vitamin, mineral or some another type of supplement is many times higher than recommended daily intake.


For example vitamin D3 which is sold as supplement all over the world is usually recommended at 200 IU – 400 IU a day, however body can make about 20 000 IU in about 30 minutes on sunny day.

Another thing is vitamin B12 which is sold as cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin in doses like 1 000 mcg – 5 000 mcg per tablet. However one 1 000 mcg tablet (1 mg = 0,001 g) is about 160 times more than recommended daily intake and one 5 000 mcg tablet is about 800 times more than recommended daily dose.


There are many supplements that are taken in therapeutic doses by many people without any negative effects. Remember that to be deficient in some critical nutrient is exactly as bad as to be overdosed. To overdose with some supplement is really rare because the water soluble vitamins are safe to take in higher doses. But be careful with Vitamin A (the fat soluble vitamin) which can be dangerous if taken in excessive doses.

The following vitamins and the stated doses are just a general insight what could help in psoriasis. Some people can completely clear up their plaques by one vitamin and the others may not see an improvement at all.

Studies show that most people can take the following doses for months without any serious negative effects*:

Vitamin D3: 10 000 IU – 20 000 IU a day (6 – 12 weeks)
Omega 3: 3 000 mg – 5 000 mg a day (2 – 4 weeks)
Zinc: 50 mg – 100 mg a day (2 – 12 weeks)
B12: 5 000 mcg a day (2 – 6 weeks)
B9 – folate (inactive form is called folic acid): 800

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