Dental Health and Autoimmune Diseases

I am sure that the high numbers of the dental visits worldwide has the strong impact on the raise of cases of the so called „autoimmune diseases“. Rheumatoid arthritis is one which is extremely connected to dental work.[160] Mouth is a very dirty place and it is almost impossible (and many dentist really don’t care so much) to clean the tools enough that there will be no bacteria when the dentist work with them.

Tooth extraction is one of the processes when there is a high chance for various pathogens to infect the body. A lot of people get the first signs of rheumatoid arthritis/psoriasis and other health issues after just a few weeks/months from the time they visited the dentist.

But if you have any major tooth decays that are causing the pain or are so deep that the body can not repair the tooth itself you should go to dentist to make the fillings. Ideally the body can repair the tooth cavity on its own however when somebody has low immunity (everybody with psoriasis, not 99,99999% it is 100 %) it is not very possible that the deep dental cavities are going to be resolved by the body.[33]

There are maybe about 150 000 000 or more root canals made per year worldwide so you can imagine what can contribute to so huge increases of autoimmune diseases.[161] Also it is not a problem to create in the laboratory the pathogens which migrate into the (dead) teeth (chemotaxis) and produce the toxins causing that weaken the immune system = chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, MS, anxiety, fibromyalgia, etc.

Those pathogens can survive in those teeth because there is no immune system once the nerves/blood supply is removed and the root canal is made.

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