Live Blood Analysis In Psoriasis

You can watch your psoriasis healing progress under the microscope watching your blood yourself if you are skilled in this area or by visiting the Live Blood Analysis specialist. However I can tell you that it is very inaccurate method if you take just the one blood drop once in a few weeks. It is needed to take 2-3 blood drops separately from various spots on the body to get the better picture how the body heals.

Actually since the abnormal HDL molecules are linked to echinocytes (crenated red blood cells) [31] you can get almost normal healthy cells from one drop of blood and totally crenated cells from another.

I got live blood analysis many times and I could find just one connection to what I was doing different when there was normal cells (even not clumped – electromagnetic fields cause the stacked RBCs – TV, PC, smartphones, etc.) visible under the microscope or all crenated cells (99,99% was crenated).

And that one and only connection that I found was that fasting or not eating enough Calories (possible starches/saccharides) caused ultimately crenated cells (99,99%). And since the echinocytes are the sign of bad liver function it gives you the idea that you have to eat enough to make sure that the liver (bile flow) works at least as it is possible. When I ate the starches – even the gluten – the RBCs were nowhere near as much crenated.

Echinocytes are usually the symptom of the bad liver function – (not just) abnormal HDL molecules cause the RBC to change the shape like that. Also the (bacterial) toxins/oxidative stress can cause this sort of problem since the toxins damage the cell membrane. Another possible cause is the kidney insufficiency since the RBCs change the shape like that when in hypertonic solution. And perhaps the mycoplasma infection of the red blood cells.


I found out that when you would take 2 drop of blood one can contain 99% of echinocytes and the other could look almost normal like this. However after a while or if you press on the cover glass of the microscope slide the healthy looking cells become the echinocytes. It is caused by the weak cell  membranes because of the toxins and deficiencies.

It is unbelievable that mainstream medicine considers the echinocytes as normal (in the laboratory they look on the blood under the microscope when doing the general blood tests). The abnormal shape of the red blood cells is also common in women with another disease with „no known cause“ – the fibromyalgia.[56]

It is true that when the water from the blood evaporates the red blood cells may change the shape to echinocytes, but it takes time and not in such a huge amount as seen in many people with various chronic diseases.

The next photos show what it means the term – thick blood:

Fibrin makes the blood more thick. The black lines are the fibrin formations what make it harder for the RBCs to flow through the body and transport the oxygen into the tissues. Rouleaux formation of red blood cells is caused by electromagnetic fields [85], bad digestion, hypercoagulation, etc. 400X – magnification


Fibrin and rouleaux formations in the blood. 1 000X – magnification

Why Omega 3 fatty acids help almost ultimately?

Because they help to build the stronger red blood cell membrane and that membrane is functional since it contains the good/right fats.[149] So it counteracts partially the hemolytic bacterial toxins and oxidative stress. Also the omega 3 fatty acids help the liver and the process of repairing the intestinal wall. Therefore the liver can detoxify the blood and whole body more efficiently and the intestines don’t allow so many toxins to leak into the body.[32]

Also omega 3 fatty acids improve the brain functions (since the brain is 60% fat) =  better mood and less stress.[150]

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