Health Highlights – How to Think About the Diseases

Every (chronic) disease if it is psoriasis, cancer or weight gain (obesity) involve bad liver function (low bile flow/fatty liver/congested liver, etc.). Therefore you can’t treat psoriasis, cancer or obesity without main focus on your liver. Nourish and detox the liver and your disease will go away. Don’t rely just on liver enzymes numbers from your blood work (laboratory test) since having the normal enzyme levels don’t mean that your liver is working as it should (just the most doctors think so).[109] Also the deficiencies (like vitamin B6) cause that the liver is unable to produce the liver enzymes in desired amounts. The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is somewhere from 20% to 50% in general population.[110, 111, 112] In my opinion most chronic illnesses are caused by bacterial toxins which interact with the body cell receptors or block/neutralize some important enzymes created by the body.[97]

– if some chemicals or cell receptors in the body aren’t working as they should it is probably due some infection. The bacterial toxins are extremely toxic for the body, but somehow when it comes to so called “autoimmune diseases”, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. – nobody cares about the infections?
Oh yes, if they would resolve the problem nobody would buy the drugs! I understand now 🙁

– the autoimmune diseases are caused by bad communication in the body. And the bad communication is caused by toxins (mostly bacterial toxins – SIBO, systemic infections (mycoplasmas), heavy metals, etc.) and deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, fats, aminoacids from protein indigestion)

– the difference between the strep throat and the chronic degenerative disease is that the chronic diseases are caused commonly by more pathogens (intestinal bacteria = overwhelmed liver = weak immunity = pathogen which causes some of the chronic degenerative diseases can spread). And it can be even more complicated with many other co-factors.

– it is all about what infections do you have when your immunity breaks down –  “the drop that made the cup overflow”. If you have psoriasis causing pathogen you get psoriasis, if you have varicella zoster virus then you can get shingles, if you have rheumatoid arthritis causing pathogen you develop rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

– liver is the most important organ when it comes on health – so break up the vicious cycle using the bile acids/salts supplement (if the symptoms suggest the low bile flow) in psoriasis, obesity, cancer, “autoimmune diseases”, anxiety, depression, muscle spasm, chronic/recurring infections, etc.

– cure bacterial overgrowth in the intestines (mostly small intestine) by supplements and SCD diet (no disaccharides for about 3 months), L-glutamine, omega 3

– drugs are extremely toxic for the liver (the most drugs over-the-counter or prescription)

– the information about the drug toxicity are not made public because nobody care and all those drugs generate well over 100 billions dollars every year as net income. [106]

– psoriasis can develop even after 10 – 20 years after you take the drugs (antibiotics in childhood) since the body will resist the disease (psoriasis in this case) as long as it is possible

– topical steroids will destroy the skin just after a few weeks of use so it is really stupid to use them. Also the steroids are absorbed through the skin and ultimately cause – digestive problems, anxiety, thyroid problems, osteoporosis (bone loss), etc. It all depends on how much and how long have you been using the drugs. [107, 108]

– don’t be fooled also with the biologic drugs because they don’t cure the cause. Actually those drugs don’t block the pattern (some “mysterious” autoimmune reaction caused by some antigen) which makes the immune system replace the cells constantly. The biologic treatment just block the messenger that signalize in the body that something

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  1. Laura says:

    Your website and information is great. Have you heard of a product called GB-3 by Endomet labs? Please let me know what you know of it if so. Second, what do you think of prescription bile acid called ursodiol? I hope to hear back. Thank you, Laura.

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