Psoriasis Breaktrough: It Is Not the Autoimmune Disease

The autoimmunity in psoriasis is very doubtful since a lot of people with compromised immunity like those who are using the chemotherapy, antibiotics, steroids or are malnourished develop psoriasis.[129, 130] How is that likely that the immune system which is a lot more weaker than it should be starts the fight against the own body?

The truth about the autoimmunity is that it is caused by (like every disease) – toxicity or deficiency. It is not so that the body decide “I have some spare time so I am going to destroy the own tissues”. I think that in the most “autoimmune diseases” the intracellular pathogens are involved and the body is just trying to replace those infected cells.

In some cases maybe there is some true autoimmune problem (maybe in 100 people in the world), but I am convinced that not in 100 000 000 people with psoriasis. And you can add the another hundreds of millions people with other so called autoimmune disorders. I think and actually I am sure that in the another “without the known cause” illnesses the pathogens are involved, too.[192, 193, 131, 132] Actually in one study 100% of patients (42 tested) with fibromyalgia had an abnormal lactulose breath test.[191]

Those 100 000 000 people around the world with psoriasis have so different life conditions – diet, stress, lifestyle, genes, live in different latitudes, experience the different intensity of sun exposure, air pollution they breath everyday, etc. and still so many people have the same psoriasis.

Therefore the cause of this disease must be some common and everywhere existing – ubiquitous factor – the opportunistic virus/CWD bacteria/mycoplasma in my opinion, which cause the onset of psoriasis when the immune system and in fact the whole body is weak. You can’t avoid the bacteria which lives everywhere around the world, but you can help your immune system that will work more efficiently everywhere where you are around the world.

Also there are very strong clues that the governments and the Big Pharma drug makers are creating the stealth pathogens which cause the chronic illnesses. These people (retards) raised themselves above the humanity. This is the only planet we have and they are destroying it for the money.[24] Which is something absolutely unbelievable. Money are nothing else but the tool for spreading human slavery, hate and power. There is no chance that so many people worldwide would be affected by so much debilitating diseases without the pathogens and toxins made in the laboratories.

Actually I think that today much more effort and money is invested for the creating new pathogens/diseases than discovering the antibiotics and new ways to cure the life threatening infections and improve the health.

By the way, the antibiotics are not as bad as you may think, in fact they are one of the best things ever made, however as many things they are misused and overused.[133] Strep throat is not the case when the antibiotics should be used. Just the life threatening conditions are the situations where those drugs work like a miracle.

Well nothing can be said for sure but actually there is no proof so far that psoriasis would be the autoimmune disease. No specific antigen (pattern that would be attacked by the body immune system) was identified yet.

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  1. personally thinking out loud,i lean towards the train of thought that a lot of these R&D companies have either found the cure/remedy for the lurghi,but to give up that information without big bucks in return would not sit well with the investors and their profits.i also believe the same about many other illnesses,the dollar rules our health.
    how many rich people do you know of are not in good health ?

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