The Viral, Fungal And Bacterial Cause Of Psoriasis

When the medicine today still don’t know what exactly causes the psoriasis in humans we can try to find the answer in plants.

Clavibacter michiganensis is a plant bacterium that is responsible for the cankers on the surface of the tomatoes.[47] This bacterium causes the systemic vascular infection – invades the xylem vessels (xylem = type of the plant vessel).[148] The bacteria can sometimes even entirely plug some xylems in the plant which leads to the canker formations on the surface of the tomato (even with the plant „Woronoff rings“):

Tomato infected with the Clavibacter michiganensis. The bacteria infect the xylem vessels (may even completely plug them) what cause the cankers on the tomato peel.


Even the „Woronoff rings“ are clearly visible in this „plant psoriasis“

Is the psoriasis in humans something similar? I think that it is very possible. I think that constricted/plugged blood vessels in the skin of human body would cause very similar symptoms like the psoriasis plaques.

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