Question: Is It Possible to Use Pancreatin Supplements Instead of Bile Acids Due To BSE Risk From Contamination?

The short answer is no. Pancreatin (pancreatic enzymes) that comes from pigs is useless for the job that can be done just by the bile acids. However pancreatin is great for food digestion so it won’t stay undigested in the intestines being the feed for bacteria and molds.

I think that BSE is something that was created in the laboratories or maybe it is just a symptom of feeding the cattle with the grinded bones and other stuff from they predecessors killed in slaughterhouses, soy, corn, rapeseed/canola, hormones and antibiotics. And if BSE is contagious I think that contaminated with it can be everything that contains something from the bovine.

Officially there is no risk in BSE transmission through the milk products, but I don’t believe that – if it is something infectious it can be transferred by milk products in my opinion.

But those who are worried about the purity of ox bile supplements have the option to buy the synthetically prepared/altered bile acids:

  • Ursodeoxycholic acid – this acid is approved (doctor can prescribe it) for treating the gallstones and it can cure psoriasis –‎
  • Sodium deoxycholate – sodium salt of deoxycholic acid
  • Cholic acid

However those bile acids may still be made from the ox bile so there may be still a risk of contamination (if BSE is infectious in nature) if you are worried about that.

Bile acids like sodium deoxycholate or cholic acid are available on the internet but they are usually stated as for laboratory use so it is not recommended to use them internally even though laboratory chemicals from reputable suppliers are of very good quality. The best option is to get prescription form of ursodeoxycholic acid from the doctor if it is possible. Ursodeoxycholic acid is considered worldwide as the best liver treatment available.

I think actually that it is not so much about the type of the acid – cholic, deoxycholic, ursodeoxycholic, etc. but about the detergent properties of these acids on fat (cholesterol) as well as their choleretic effects (increase the volume of bile flow).

Realize that the bile canaliculi (tubes) in the liver that drain the bile (acids) are just 1 micrometer in width so they get stuck very easily when something is bad in the body (taking OTC or prescription drugs, stress->low stomach acid->SIBO and deficiencies, low fat diet, etc.) Then you may need to supplement the bile acids that will dissolve the cholesterol in those tubes in the liver that are actually 5 times smaller than the red blood cell – this is called congested liver.

Also keep in mind the importance of Vitamin K since it is the vitamin that plays a huge role in assimilation of calcium. If one is deficient in Vitamin K what most of use do then microscopic calcified “gallstones” can be formed in liver canaliculus so we end up with congested liver what will eventually result in chronic degenerative diseases like psoriasis.

Great supplement for the liver is the soy lecithin that helps to emulsify the fats so it can greatly help to clean the garbage from the liver and gallbladder.

That’s why it may go so fast (80% cure rate in 2 months according to the study about he bile acids and psoriasis) when you take bile acids. Liver will start to do its job usually immediately (if it is not physically damaged – cirhossis) but it may need the help by taking the bile acids which will dissolve that garbage. But keep in mind that if you have some serious deficiency – usually B complex vitamins (B6, folic acid and B12 deficiencies are very common but other B vitamins are as well important) and zinc (extremely common deficiency) the liver will have still very hard time to

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