Psyllium Husk For Psoriasis

Is it good to take psyllium husk for psoriasis… or it will have negative impact on psoriasis due to soaking up the bile acids?

Well, generally it is not natural to eat just the bulk of indigestible material (you could eat then the sawdust too – and this is not a joke). But for those who have high cholesterol levels it may be vital to eat insoluble fiber like psyllium husk to soak up the cholesterol from the bile and excrete it in the feces. We all need to eat regularly the indigestible fiber – which will soak up the portion of the bile. However there is also a question if it is good to intentionally remove huge quantities of cholesterol (since it is surely not the cause of heart diseases – it is also just a symptom of a problem) from the body.

But on the other hand as I wrote before also in my PDF paper it is not very convenient to lower the bulk of the food on the diet since the liver will produce/release even less bile and the food (and proliferating bacteria) will stay longer in the intestines which often leads to worsening of the psoriasis.

My psoriasis worsened always when I was on restricted diet – less food in bulk or less calories – may make your psoriasis worse. I think that the worsening is also the effect of die off reaction of bacteria and yeasts but functioning liver is a must to sustain the clear skin after starting eating the food again.

In my opinion most of the psoriatics have very low or no bile acids production/flow so the most important is to supplement the bile acids.That will make the bodily processes to turn on the right way. The choleretic effects (bile flow increasing effects) of bile acids will slowly make the liver to produce the more and more bile acids and bile flow on its own what will eventually lead to healthy gut flora and disappearing of psoriasis. Fiber is a must for healthy gut flora and bowel movements, but as I said you have to help the liver to produce the bile acids and support the bile flow.

Eat your fiber in fruits and vegetables

Personally I like cabbage as the source of fiber – cheap source of fiber. You can eat the rice (in my opinion the white rice is better than brown – easier to digest = less food for bacteria) as the main source of the carbohydrates (if you don’t want to eat gluten) and every day (or 3 – 4 times a week) add the cabbage to the diet. The cabbage has its bulk and force the intestines to move the food so it won’t stay in the intestines for a long time.

But of course you can eat also kale, broccoli, carrots, apples and other (raw) foods instead of cabbage.

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