Short Summary on Psoriasis Cause and Supplements for Repair

Yesterday I wrote the short summary about psoriasis cause and cure theory. I posted it as comment on Youtube under the video but I think that it is also good for blog post. If you want you can copy this post and use it on your website in a printed publication but you have to use ALL text without any changes and send me an email with the information where you want to use this text.

You are right that you can not cure psoriasis just putting something on your skin.

The TOP priority is functioning liver! I also wrote the extensive PDF paper about my theory on psoriasis cause and cure.

stress (physical, chemical or emotional/fear) -> bad digestion -> bacterial overgrowth/fungal overgrowth/parasites in the intestines -> overloaded liver with the toxins from rotting of the food in the intestines -> altered homeostasis (thick blood/fibrin deposits, viral replication, etc…) -> constricted blood vessels in the skin -> hypoxia in the skin -> activation of immune system that clears up the damaged cells and protects weak skin from infection.

Repairing the digestion is crucial. The top supplements I know about are: Bile acids, B-Complex (that contains B12 – 1000 mcg and at least 400 mcg of Folic acid per day), Lecithin, Vitamin D3, Licorice, Schizandra, Siberian ginseng (Eleuthero), Fish oil, Zinc, Forskolin, Neem, Betaine HCL, Digestive Enzymes, Proteolytic enzymes.

Let’s say that I wrote the supplements above in order of priority or importance generally for somebody with psoriasis. So if you would have budget just for some of those supplements you should start with those like Bile acids, quality B-complex, Lecithin …

If you want you can read more on my blog where you can also download PDF with the most important articles and read it offline.

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