Why Drugs Stop Working for Psoriasis After Some Time?


This question has been all over the psoriasis forums since the beginning of their existence and before the internet era it was all the same when psoriatics discussed their condition with each other or the doctors.

Drugs – steroids, immunosuppressants, chemotherapy

testThe cause why this opinion that “supplements and drugs stop working” is so ubiquitous is because of the fact that drugs just suppress the symptoms. So actually they will never actually work for psoriasis – they just interact with various biochemical pathways in the body – and the side effect of it is that psoriasis disappears.

If we would consider psoriasis as some type of infection (as I think it is) we could say that there is a possibility that in case of immunosuppressive drugs the immune system after some time of taking them gets information that there is still some problem so the body will work even harder on eradicating the problem (infection) so even more inflammatory cytokines are released and psoriasis often comes back.

For example the drugs like ciclosporin or biologic drugs – the skin gets better often almost to the point where no psoriasis or almost no psoriasis skin is present on the body. Then after some time the skin in many psoriatics starts to deteriorate again despite not changing anything in their diets or lifestyle as well as the dosage of the drugs.

So it is not because they are not effective anymore or body somehow used to it. Sure body can learn how to metabolize those drugs faster over time but they still posses their biochemical activity. The problem with the drugs is that the doctor can not prescribe you higher dose of the drug since it would be simply too much for the body (liver, kidneys or immune system amongst the other parts) and that would lead to liver failure, serious kidney damage or complete immune system shutdown (serious infection, cancer, etc..) and death.

Supplements – vitamins and minerals

Actually supplements don’t stop working.

fish_oilThe thing is that the biochemical processes they initially help just start working to their “full rate” as possible so the psoriasis improves to the some point and any progress slows down or stops. At that point you should consider other nutrient that may be missing in your diet that may cause that some other biochemical processes in your body lack in effectivity.

The only possible way when you take supplement and your psoriasis will disappear completely for a long time or forever is when you take exactly the supplement/nutrient you are deficient in and that deficiency in the end was the cause of your psoriasis.

And even in that case it is still a problem to say if just that particular deficiency was the only real cause since the time when some (serious chronic degenerative) disease appears the body is usually deficient in many nutrients and probably a lot of pathogens are present (SIBO – overgrowth of various bacteria in the gut, intestinal parasites, mycoplasmas, viruses, bacterial infections hidden in biofilms, etc…). So even if your psoriasis would completely disappear after taking let’s say 10 000 IU of Vitamin D per day for months you should still work on finding and resolving other problems and deficiencies that might be in your body.

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