Psoriasis Diet Plan Success Stories

Jeff Cured His Psoriasis

The next lines are from Jeff who cured his psoriasis naturally. Thank you for your story!: If you are reading this blog, then I’m sure the disease of psoriasis affects you on an intimate level.  I don’t have to tell you that this disease has not only a physical component which can be seen, but also a mental and emotional aspect that adds an additional level of anguish to an already torturous condition. I suffered with progressively worsening psoriasis for years before I finally cleared it completely.  I would like to share my story.

Start and Spread

My psoriasis first manifested in the spring of 2008 at the age of 38.  It was precisely one spot – about the size of a quarter – on my left shin.  As the months progressed, more spots appeared on my shins, elbows, calves, knees, eyebrow, scalp, wrist, and even genitalia.  The lesions were thick with plaque, and ranged from about 3 inches in the worst places, to about the size of a pencil eraser on the smaller end of the scale.  New lesions always began the same way: first, the area of skin would become red and irritated (as if from a bug bite), and then over the course of about 2-3 weeks, the scaling and plaque would form. By the beginning of 2009 I could no longer wear shorts in public.  By the end of 2011 I could no longer wear short sleeve shirts to work.  I can look back at pictures of myself during those years and pretty much chart the progress of the psoriasis based on how I was dressed. I would go out of my way to avoid mirrors, even when trying on new clothing.  I no longer attended the sauna, hot tub and steam bath with my workout partners. In the early months, lesions would come and go.  After about a year and a half, they wouldn’t ‘go’, but just continue to get worse.  I used to dread waking up in the morning to check my body for new spots. Every time I had an itch, my heart would sink.  In a strange way, I almost began to disassociate myself from my own skin.

Treatments I Tried

The saga of unsuccessful treatments began with over-the-counter creams, ointments, moisturizers – which had no effect whatsoever.  I then went on referrals from my doctor to a series of Dermatologists and specialists who prescribed topical steroids.  These would reduce the plaque by about 50 percent in two weeks (the maximum time per round of treatment), after which time the scaling would return full force.  These doctors were only too happy to point out that my “only” option at that point was to go on immune-suppressant drugs.  I declined. I went to Holistic practitioners, Ayurvedic doctors, acupuncturists, and other forms of ‘alternative’ medicine.  Now instead of cortical steroids, I was using natural salves and creams with ingredients such as coal tar, and neem.  Nothing even made a dent in my condition.  By the fall of 2012 I had tried just about every remedy I could find online.  I cut out the so-called nightshade vegetables such as potatoes and peppers from my diet, I cut out dairy – still no effect whatsoever.  In the privacy of my backyard, I would spend a lot of time in the sun.  I got a nice tan, but it did not help the lesions at all. I don’t even want to calculate how much money I spent in those years chasing a cure.  Another significant expenditure was time.  I spent hours upon hours searching websites, online journals, forums, alternative cure books, etc. trying to gain some sort of insight into this condition.  As you probably know, there was no consensus as to cause or remedy.  I was beginning to think that psoriasis had beaten everyone.  After all, if so many people were trying to cure this disease – surely with all of these resources something would have been found by now.

One More Hope

Early October of 2013, I was engaged in yet another manic all-night online search for insight into this condition.  I came upon the site and downloaded the pdf. I admit that I didn’t read all of the detailed science behind John’s research.  However, one thing in particular that intrigued me deeply was John’s article extolling the effectiveness of Bile Acids.  I ordered a bottle and began taking 1500 mg (one 500 mg caplet with each meal).  Perhaps it was just my hopeless enthusiasm that From the very same day I began taking the bile acid tablets, my digestion and elimination began to improve dramatically.  No more bloating, acid reflux, or sour stomach after meals.  I even found my appetite leveling out.  After about six weeks on bile acids, I was feeling much better in terms of my overall health. I even noticed a very slight improvement in the psoriasis lesions.  Instead of thick scaly plaque with bright red skin underneath, the lesions appeared to be ‘fading’ and the bright red turned more to a dull rust color.  Still, it wasn’t the dramatic effect I had anticipated based on John’s writing, so I decided to reach out to John himself via email. John asked me for some personal background on some of my eating habits, recommended I get a dental exam to check for any kind of abscess or infection, and then suggested I add 3 additional supplements.  We exchanged a few more emails, and at his suggestion my daily course of supplements came to include: Bile Salts (500 mg per meal) Betaine HCL (1296 mg / 2 capsules per meal) B12 methylcobalamin (2000 mcg) B9 – folic acid (800 mcg) One piece of wisdom in particular from one of John’s first emails to me rang in my mind: “You have to start your methylation cycle. If the methylation is stuck then stomach can’t produce stomach acid, pancreas the enzymes, liver the bile acids, thyroid gland the hormones, etc…” Honestly, this was the first time I had heard anyone link psoriasis – not with a ‘skin condition’ or ‘overactive immune-system’ but with blocked methylation. This seemingly radical theory made a lot more sense to me than anything I had heard from my numerous doctors.

The Result

Within 3 months of taking the above course, the psoriasis COMPLETELY cleared.  In a few areas the skin is very slightly discolored, but most of the lesions have vanished and the skin is clear so that you would never know they had been there. So, after 6 years of progressively worsening psoriasis, successive trips to numerous doctors, dermatologists, and holistic practitioners, thousands of dollars in medicines, and dozens of hours scouring the internet and research journals… Five emails to John and $50.00 worth of supplements he recommended completely cleared my psoriasis in 90 days. I have since added Selenium and Forskollin. I don’t know John personally.  I don’t even know his last name.  I offered to write this testimonial for his blog purely out of a sense of gratitude to him for being such a dedicated researcher and for his willingness to share and help all of us. Thank you, John. Your friend, Jeff

Laura Almost Completely Cured Her Psoriasis In 2 Weeks

Psoriasis can be cured or reversed if you want in a short time when you know what to do in any particular case. After Jeff’s testimony, here is another one. This time from Laura who dramatically improved her psoriasis in 2 weeks. It all started on September 16th when I posted the following status about psoriasis and infection on my Facebook wall. Psoriasis is caused by infection! Laura then asked me a question and 15 days later got back to that status and mentioned that her skin is almost clear! Then I asked her if she would compile a short testimony for this blog and she agreed so here it is.
” I suffered from a mild case of psoriasis for about a year. I had psoriasis on my scalp, face, and neck. I eliminated all of the possible trigger foods, I also had a few colonics and sat in the sauna several times a week. Sadly, my skin was not getting any better. Thankfully, I found John on Facebook. I started taking some of the supplements that he recommended and my skin started clearing in less than a week. I took Gaia Herbs Turmeric, Nutricology Ox Bile, Wisteria Naturals Oregano Oil, Nature’s Way Milk Thistle, and lecithin from Whole Foods. I took all of the supplements twice a day. I am so grateful that John shares his research of helpful supplements for psoriasis on social media. “
Links to some of the supplements Laura take:
  • Gaia Herbs Turmeric
  • Nutricology Ox Bile
  • Nature’s Way Milk Thistle
So another successfully reversed case of psoriasis using just the herbal products and ox bile which could be replaced by Artichoke Leaf Extract if you follow a strictly vegan lifestyle. If any of you have your own successful psoriasis story and wanted it to be published on this blog just send me an e-mail.

Rhea Cured Her Psoriasis In 3 Months

Psoriasis can be cured and here is another testimonial from one of my readers – Rhea!
I had plaque psoriasis on my elbows for 7 years, starting when I was 27. My aunt has lifelong moderate to severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, so I was pretty worried about it. When I was 34 I has a series of events that led me to develop guttate psoriasis all over my body. First my mom died, a few months later I got an extremely painful sore throat (perhaps strep), a few weeks after that I used paint stripper for a few days, and that same week I caught an adorable feral kitten and ended up getting deep scratches all over my arms. All the scratches turned into psoriasis. Then I got guttate dots all over my body. They continued to grow over the next year into large plaques. I was extremely itchy and miserable! I did one month of 3 x week light therapy and some topical steroids which didn’t seem to help, although the light relieved my seasonal depression. A few months later I went to Puerto Rico and swam in the ocean every day (which seemed to be slightly helpful) and that’s when I read Psoriasis Diet Plan. I also read the book Perfect Health Diet. The things I did based on reading both of those: HCL pills, milk thistle, artichoke leaf extract, activated charcoal, digestive bitters, drinking homemade bone broth daily, avoiding omega 6 oils, reducing wheat intake (never gave it up entirely, but I feel I continue to have an issue with it), magnesium, copper, MK7, taurine, iodine, C, D3, B5, zinc, boron, silica, NTFactor Energy Lipids, high saturated fat / low carb diet, lecithin, eating liver, oysters, & salmon about once a week, 3-5 lightly cooked egg yolks daily, avoiding spicy food, and periodic usage of black seed oil, jia wei xiao yao wan, american ginseng, burdock, reishi, & chaga. My feeling is that avoiding omega 6 and taking HCL and digestive bitters before meals were the most important (based on what you wrote about the methylation cycle). My psoriasis cleared completely within 3 months. I’ve had a tiny dot on my knee or elbow 3 times in the past 4 years. Thanks so much for your help! Rhea
This is the testimonial which Rhea sent me and allowed me to publish it here for you. As you can see she tried many different supplements which is good because the underlying cause of psoriasis is slightly different in everybody. Thank you! Some of us may benefit more from b-vitamins, the others from lecithin or magnesium, bile acids or artichoke leaf extract. We should also keep in mind the importance of healthy fats (lipids) and iodine which is so important for the proper function of thyroid gland. And, again, as you can see psoriasis can be cured and it takes months at most! Once you start doing the right things – eliminating the endotoxins, improving the liver function, increasing the bile flow, supplementing the deficient vitamins (mostly B-vitamins) and following the good diet (hypoglycemic diet is probably the best diet you can be on) – psoriasis starts fading away in a few days or weeks at most! If any of you wanted to share your experiences with protocols I write about here on PsoriasisDietPlan blog, do not hesitate to write me an e-mail or share your thoughts down below in the comments!

37 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve read about more research papers regarding ox bile supplements for psoriasis, I bought some a few weeks ago, and am starting to see a slight improvement in my psoriasis, I have ust ordered the other supplements that you mention here. Thanks for the tip, i really hope this will work!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am vegan. That excludes bile salts- which seem mostly from cows and sheep. My psoriasis is terrible, but I’d be taking a huge step backward to ingest the bile of any animal. Any other ideas?

    • John says:

      Why step backward? Because of being vegan? Anyway, artichoke leaf tea or artichoke extract in capsules works good and maybe even better.

  3. Tina says:

    What a great testimony! Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to understand what could have brought on my psoriasis just 6 months ago, at age 45. I do have a question…is it dangerous to take bile salts without some type of test, etc? I don’t have a lot of stomach issues that I’m aware of, outside of intermittant constipation. I do have Lyme and low thyroid, so who knows what’s going on with my digestive system that I’m not aware of. I would like to try bile salt just to how the psoriasis responds. Any advice on possible risks, etc?? THANK YOU!

    • John says:

      I don’t know about any serious risks associated with short-term (a few months) bile acids supplementation. Only in cases of liver cirrhosis or viral liver inflammation the bile acids may be contraindicated.

      However even in those cases there is one bile acid – Ursodeoxycholic acid – which is often used for liver support. It can be prescribed by the doctor.

      You can try artichoke capsules or tea if you want something plant-based for bile flow. Just use search function on this blog and type “bile acids”.

      If you take any antibiotics for Lyme then psoriasis it is very possible that fungal overgrowth caused your psoriasis.

      Actually symptoms of Lyme disease and low thyroid are often caused by fungal infection. Doug Kaufmann dedicated all his work to fungal infections –

      Personally I believe that root canal teeth and dental infection (serious tooth decay) is involved in most chronic diseases – from “autoimmune” like psoriasis, low thyroid, arthritis, lupus to MS, Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

  4. Tina says:

    Thanks so much for the reply. I think I will go ahead and try it. So you don’t think I should take it longer than 3 months? You’re probably right about the antibiotics causing this….I was on heavy doses of them last year for 4 months. I quit them in August and by November I had a lot of scalp psoriasis. I have white tongue which I understand is a key indicator for fungal overgrowth. I do have a tooth that gives me trouble some days, had a root canal done 7 years ago but they had to rework it 2 years ago and recap it. I’d like to have it corrected once and for all, just not sure what to do. Thank you again!!! Love this site

    • John says:

      I mean that 3 months is plenty of time to see if it works.

      If even after 3 months there is no improvement (actually it should be total or almost total clearance of skin) then something else needs to be addressed.

      Usually the fungal infection or hormonal imbalance is the culprit.

      Infection can be addressed with essential oils and herbs, and no sugar diet (no fruits either) – hypoglycemic diet.

      Hormonal imbalance is directly linked to small intestine health (or dental infection of course). The point is to balance the blood sugar – insulin and adrenaline release. Adrenaline switches on/off the “fight or flight” response – its all about the Autonomic Nervous System.

      Bio-identical progesterone cream is probably the best over the counter product that can greatly help balance the insulin/adrenaline production. Combined with hypoglycemic diet, bile acids or artichoke leaf, lecithin and B-complex is the combination that can do wonders.

  5. Tina says:

    John – thank you again.
    I had a hair mineral test done a few months back which showed low adrenal function as well. So I do believe you’re right…the skin problem is related to that as well as candida. I’m currently taking Standard Process Drenamin which has helped a lot with anxiety, but no relief for psoriasis. I also take bee pollen for b vitamins – although I’ve read this doesn’t contain b-12. So I recently added in methylated B-12. I take cod liver oil daily, enzymes with meals, trace mineral drops and mostly veggies and meat/protein diet. I take milk thistle too, as I understand it has choline which is helpful for bile production, correct? And regarding bile salt, I was thinking of using the Standard Process cholacol. For the immune system help, I do use essential oils daily. Does this all sound like a good plan to you? I’d love your advice!! Thank you very very much for your help.

    • John says:

      For B-vitamins I would definitely use good b-complex supplement. Jarrow B-Right is perfect for that purpose.

      Milk thistle is not a choline supplement. Lecithin is a major source of choline. Choline has a lot of benefits besides the liver.

      Cholacol has just a very little bile acids so I would use Ox bile supplement or artichoke at least.

      I can not tell you if your plan is “good”. If it works then yes, if it doesn’t then probably no.

      My general advice is B-complex, Lecithin, bile acids + common supplements like omega 3, vitamin d3…

      If those don’t work even after 3 months then there is another approach – bio-identical progesterone cream. However it is still a hormone so even though its effects are mostly positive when not overdosing on it, everybody’s body may react differently. One thing it causes commonly is tiredness (at least during the first weeks of use) so it should be kept in mind mostly if one is driving a car.

  6. Tina says:

    Ok, thank you. What lecithin supplement do you recommend? Most are soy derived, correct?

  7. Tina says:

    John – I saw your you tube video re poor blood flow and psoriasis. So interesting. It got me thinking: 1)I notice if I have a glass of red wine, the next morning my skin is greatly improve, reduced inflammation. There are studies that claim a single glass of wine (not more) can help with circulation. Could that be why my skin/psoriasis inflammation improves? 2) My hair is very brittle and thinned out. Might that be related to poor circulation? Anyway, I bought lecithin, bile salt today and methyl Bs. Thanks for all the advice!

    • John says:

      1)Yes, but there are another chemical pathways which affects the blood flow – TNF-alpha, vasoconstriction, blood platelets,…
      2)Yes, but surely not the only cause.

  8. Robert says:

    In Jeff “recipee” the dosage of B12 (dethylcobalamin) is indicated 2000 mg… Is it an error… and should it be 2000 mcg instead ?

  9. Taty says:

    Could you please explain something about this phrase in Jeff’s story “….start your methylation cycle. If the methylation is stuck …..” I cheked on the internet whatever I could find about that, it seems such a complicated process connected with DNA and genes, but if we take as a base that it’s connected with psoriasis how is it possible to start the methylation circle?? what should be done? I mean how the vitamins and bile salts and supplements can really start something like methylation circle? or can they?? thank you so much in advance for your answer….:)

    • John says:

      Actually if body is missing some vitamin like B6, B9 or B12 then various biochemical processes can not function/run optimally so there will be some symptoms.

      Nobody knows exactly how it is all interconnected.

  10. BB says:

    Hi John,

    Almost 5 years ago, at the age of 24, I developed seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp. At first, it was the lower back of my scalp but it has since progressed and has now reached the top of my scalp. I am desperately seeking some relief as the flaking, itching and inflammation have become unbearable. At times my scalp feels like it is on fire…and I have scabs and wounds on it (most likely from scratching). I have tried many methods to at least manage it, but I haven’t had any results yet.
    I have ordered the B complex and the artichoke leaf extract and will purchase the lecithin (I already take vitamin D supplement) and I am hoping that this will give me some relief (this disease is so tiring….). I have lower than normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels and this has been the case always. Recently I developed mild neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. I am wondering whether the above mentioned supplements will have any adverse effects on my current condition?

    Hoping you can help..thank you

  11. BB says:

    Thank you for your reply, John.

    I am desperate at this stage, so wiling to try anything..hoping there will be no adverse effects. So for artichoke leaf extract the dosage is 1500mg three times a day? and Lecithin?

    Yes, I have low blood sugar.. both cholesterol and blood sugar are slightly below the ‘norm’.

    • John says:

      Yes, I would take 3 capsules (500mg of 5% cynarins) 3 times daily.

      Lecithin 10-20 grams daily if you have lecithin granules.

      If you have get capsules (1 200 mg) then 5 capsules twice daily.

  12. Brandon says:

    I’m living proof that Betaine Hcl works. I had severe heart burn and indigestion, especially after eating meat. I began having skin issues, got severe dermatitis on my face by my nose. These small itchy bumps appeared on my knuckles. Very red rectum with white patches. Worst symptom was extreme pain in my rectum that slowly spread to hips and lower back. I took topical steroids prescribed by my derm for over a year. I had multiple specialists sick things in me and never had any idea what was going on. This was over about 3 years ongoing in my late 20s early 30s.

    I came across a blog about rosacea where a lady used betaine hcl. By this time I had been trying enzymes, grapefruit seed extract, probiotics. No help. But within days of using the betaine hcl, I felt like there was some improvement, or at least not getting worse. So i continued. I think i was taking 2-3 400mg tablets of betaine hydrocholride every day, just before a meal. They were made by Puritans pride, sold by vitamin shop but looks like they don’t carry it anymore. I ended up lower dosage to 1 pill per day after about one month. After 3 months the pain in my butt was gone! That was the biggest miracle. My rosacea symptoms cleared up, no more itchy spots on my body.

    I ended up discontinuing the betaine hcl tablets after about 4 months. I have been off of them for probably 3 years. I no longer have heart burn after most big meals. I used to not even be able to eat pizza, but now it’s no problem.

    I want to share my story because my pain was miserable and there were so many other improvements. I’m currently going to get my gf on betaine hcl to help with her paoriasis, so I’m hoping she has the same improvement for her sake.

    Thanks for reading and good luck.

    • John says:

      Betaine HCL is a great supplement. I would take capsules instead of tablets because they dissolve better and faster.

      I believe that there is no need to take more than 3 capsules (650 mg of Betaine HCL) per meal –

      For psoriasis I would also consider B-complex, lecithin, artichoke leaf or bile acids, L-Ornithine, …

      • Brandon says:

        Thanks John. Absolutely, I only took one 400mg tablet per meal. 2-3 times a day and slowly reduced that. I didn’t want to over do it.

        I will look at the other supplements, vitamin b sounds like a must. I’ve read that betaine hcl can help your body produce bile. The remarkable thing for me was, by taking the hcl for the time that I did, it seemed to have a long lasting effect years after I stopped taking it.

        I’m writing this in hopes that someone else going through this might read this. All my specialists had absolutely no idea how to help with my pain. I felt strongly that my symptoms which were appearing all around the same time must be related. Turns out I got extremely lucky finding out about betaine hcl supplements.

        I hope to update with my gf’s progress about the psoriasis after she begins taking the tablets.

  13. MM says:

    I’m really hoping someone can help me here. I have followed the recommendation of this article and started on lecithin, b-complex vitamin (Jarrow B right), and artichoke leaf extract. It’s only been a few days, but I am so constipated. I thought the lecithin and the ALE would help my digestion, but it seems to be doing the opposite. And my skin is looking worse. Does it take a while to kick in?

    • John says:

      Temporarily the already existing plaques may look worse but no new should appear. If you developed new psoriasis spots you should back up with supplements.

      • MM says:

        Over the last two days, I have added flax oil and HCL to my regimen. Hopefully they will help. But my digestion is still awful. I don’t know what’s worse sometimes, dealing with my skin or dealing with my severe constipation. I know my issue stems from not being able to digest fats properly. Over the last ten years, I’ve kept myself on a low fat diet, but I think that caused more harm. I’m trying to add more healthier fats to my diet. My body needs to unclog the old bile and create new bile. if ALE does not work in the next few weeks, I will replace it with ox bile.

  14. davo says:

    Hi MM

    Dont know ,but i have been finding myself going back to the same road over the last few months of research and the core of the problem is a toxic body IE sludge and gall/liver stones blocking waste exiting which causes many an issue. Unblock all the ducts and eat mostly a plant based diet and all is well
    It seems a flush or flushes over time is the way to go to get away from using bile supps etc as they are just band aids and because you cant absorb nutrients properly supps arent a longterm fix but just a money pit

    I will be doing the flush myself soon as i suffer from mild psoriasis, digestion issues and weight loss, so hopefully i will be another one of the revigurated in so many ways that i keep reading about.

    • John says:

      Liver flushes are just a scam. Look for the blog posts about it on this website.

      There is a reason why psoriasis or other problems are chronic – genetic expression, deficiencies and mostly infections.

      I would start with deficiencies, then monosaccharide diet for SIBO/yeast in the gut and once the liver will be able to detoxify the remaining load of endotoxins leaking into the blood inflammation (genetic expression) will disappear.

    • MM says:

      I tried the liver flush this past weekend for the first time. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed a difference in my health. I agree with you that supplements are a band aid, but if used in conjunction with the right diet, I’m hoping things get moving faster. I agree, our issues all stem from the gall bladder/liver and poor bile movement.

  15. Alexandre says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for solution for skin problems.
    I wanted to share a thought about the body. I have some skin problems for a few years now.
    – Mycosis on the feet, crotch and buttocks.
    – yellow teeth with medium breath
    – very fragrant and acidic perspiration.
    For fungal infections, nothing really works. At the same crotch. The only good news is for the buttocks who left with a canary diet of modernity.
    For perspiration: Over the years, I started to smell bad armpits despite normal hygiene
    The smell is so strong that it stays on my clothes even after washing in the machine (it becomes very expensive to have to buy T-shirts without stopping).
    I would like to know if anyone would have a solution for this bad smell that embarrasses me enormously in my daily life and what it may be due.
    To note that when I was frugivorous I did not have this problem anymore I felt the banana. Today i eat wahls protocol paleo.
    For my teeth it’s the same, they are very yellow despite the advice of massage gums and washing between the gums.
    Thank you

    • Laura says:

      I developed a terrible odor in my right armpit over the last few years, but I noticed that it went away when I started the AIP diet. How long have you been on the wahls protocol? I believe it’s quite similar to AIP. Maybe it will help over time. Mine got better after a few months.

  16. sabahat says:

    My father has been suffering from psoriasis for 15 years. He had taken pills, ointment and used every possible way to get rid of it but couldn’t. My grandfather also had nail psoriasis. He is no more.
    Symptoms of psoriasis appear in my younger brother. Let me know Is there any possible cure. Is this disease heritable?

  17. Rachel says:

    Hi, I’ve just come across your blog and am really keen to try the supplements you recommend and want to thank you so much for sharing your journey here.
    I’ve had diabetes for over 10 years, and developed psoriasis two years ago which hasn’t been responding to treatment.
    Please can you advise if theres anything extra i need to particularly tackle due to the length of time I’ve had type 2 diabetes
    So far I’m thinking of taking b complex, lecithin, omega 3, vitamin d3 and magnesium and of course cutting out refined carbs as well as fatty foods because I read the pancreas gets clogged up.
    Id be grateful for any further thoughts as I’ve given up on traditional medicine for help although for the time being I’ve had to take metformin. With thanks, Rachel

  18. Karen says:

    Thanks to John and Jeff I learned about betaine HCI. I took it for three months (one or two pills with each meal containing protein and/or fat. I took the bile acid factors too. I too noticed my psoriasis (mostly on my legs) start clearing up. Then after doing reading I realized that psoriasis is, I think always, the result of a digestive problem. Seems no doctor HAS A CLUE about this reality, or if they do know they hold back to keep you as their paying customer. For me, more important than the betaine HCI and bile acid factors are digestive enzymes, which I started taking because the psoriasis had not COMPLETELY disappeared. I have now experimented with five different brand names of enzymes. The ones that work in so many ways for me are AST Gluten Relief Plus which include the enzyme phytase to digest phytic acid in all beans, nuts and grain, DPP-IV to digest gluten which is a protein difficult for the body to digest, and the enzyme to digest casein which is in milk products. The other excellent brand is from Ancestral Supplements which comes from bovine pancreas. These two brands of digestive enzymes have completely resolved my psoriasis, AND my persistent DIARREA completely changed to NORMAL stools again! I had a real problem with psoriasis (which I had since 2003) and diarrhea ( which I had for a year). No more! Natural is always best. And enzymes are completely natural. I sincerely hope this information helps all of you to end your psoriasis for good. Learn about enzymes. Karen

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