Mycotoxins and Chronic Diseases

Cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, anxiety disorders and nervous system diseases – all those and many more can be caused by toxins produced by fungi. The most popular enemy fungus today is Candida albicans so it has already been discussed all over the health forums on the internet.

But it is not just Candida species that are responsible for a lot of health problems. Actually Candida can be just a minor problem in comparison with the other fungi that live inside us and are ingested along with its toxins by us on a daily basis. Toxins like aflatoxin produced by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus or ochratoxin (produced by Aspergillus species and Penicillium species) are very destructive to our bodies yet they are ubiquitous in most foods of the standard diets.

The detrimental effects of fungi on human health can be demonstrated using the scientific data we have about the fungi and mycotoxins on cancer pathogenesis.

Fungus link to cancer

Did you ever think about the cause of cancer? I mean the real cause not something like genetic factors. Yes, the real cause is just toxicity and deficiency – nothing else. Body when is healthy with enough of nutrients, not much toxic load (or too badly damaged DNA) then there is no chance for cancer to survive in anybody.

One of the worst mycotoxins that are common in our food supplies are aflatoxins produced by Aspergillus species of fungi.

Actually in high amounts aflatoxin is used by researchers to induce cancer in laboratory animals! So we are told that cancer has no known cause but in animals they induce cancer by injecting them with fungal toxins. Really interesting… maybe they should also start thinking about cancer as toxicity instead of trying treating it with even more toxic chemicals.

Before toxin is injected into the rats it is called aflatoxin or mycotoxin but once it is injected into the animal the subsequently developed cancer is not called the mycotoxin poisoning or toxicity but CANCER. Diagnosis made from thin air.

Great video about this topic – specifically about the cancer – was created by Doug Kaufmann who produce his health TV show “Know The Cause”.

I do not consider this video as the proof of the only one real cause of cancer but fungi are surely one of the causes. I think that various forms of cancer are caused at least partially by different factors. Fungi and mycotoxins play surely a role in many cancers if not all, but also bacteria, toxins, radiation, viruses, mycoplasma, deficiencies – all those factors affect the cells and gene expression.

The point is that if the researchers are able to induce cancer in laboratory rats by injecting them with the mycotoxins then why the cancer that develops after is not called or considered as mycotoxicosis?

Why do they forget the cause or should I say intentionally ignore the cause that lead to this symptom and call that symptom completely different name – CANCER – that express actually nothing about the cause of the disease.

Psoriasis and how to treat fungal infections

I think that something very similar goes also with psoriasis. Instead of call it the right name – autonomic nervous system dysfunction, nerve dysfunction, hypoxia related skin necrosis or something like that – it is called autoimmune disorder despite the fact there is not a single one proof of autoimmunity in this health condition. Just because the immune cells are in the spots that does not mean it is autoimmune problem. Actually nobody ever proved that those cells are migrated there just by mistake without any actual positive mission to do there.

Today everybody is concerned about the bacteria and viruses but fungi are nowhere near the center of attention. Taking the antibiotics just makes the problem worse since the fungal species are growing even more due to lack of natural inhibition by beneficial bacteria in our bodies.

Great natural supplements for fighting the fungal invaders hidden in our bodies are Oregano oil and Neem. It is important to take enough of them regularly every day since fungi are often slowly growing organism so it may takes a few weeks to fully eradicate the problem.


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