TOP 5 Facebook Comments on Psoriasis in September 2014

Here are the 5 best Facebook comments I wrote about psoriasis in various discussions on Facebook last month. The comments are edited and extended with the additional information to provide better value for you.

1. Significance of Autonomic Nervous System

Most chronic diseases are caused by Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction: Parkinson’s disease, MS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Crohn’s, IBS/Ulcerative colitis, Adrenal “fatigue”, Raynaud’s syndrome, CHF (heart disease), OCD, Vitiligo, Depression, Anxiety, … – all of them heavily involve nervous system dysfunction.

Autonomic Nervous System illustration

Causes of (Autonomic) Nervous System problems are: bacteria in root canal teeth (hundreds of millions of people all around the world have root canals!!! – some of them for decades), SIBO with fungal overgrowth in the intestines + systemic fungal infections (blood, lymph and tissues). Then keep in mind all the pesticides everywhere in the environment – they are intentionally NEUROTOXIC because that is the mechanism how they are supposed to kill the bugs away from the commercially grown plants.

All that factors mess up the proper ACETYLCHOLINE production = Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction! There are even some patents about raising the acetylcholine levels as treatment of many diseases! Read here –

And download the free INFOGRAPHIC in PDF here –

The TOP importance for psoriasis have B-complex vitamins! Specifically thiamine, choline, B12, B5 – but all are very important!

2. Live Blood Analysis and Lymphatic system

Live blood analysis as performed by many “specialists(?)” is actually a scam. However I believe that many of them who do Live Blood Analysis tests do not know that those crenated cells, crystals and other structures are actually from interstitial fluid (intercellular fluid) and lymphatic vessels!!! It is not the pure blood (RBC – red blood cells and plasma) what you can see under the microscope during the Live Blood Analysis!

If the blood were drained from the vein then you would see under the microscope usually just stacked RBC. I mean if you do not draw blood from the vein like it is common in hospitals for standard blood test then the blood from finger or other parts of the body is contaminated by lymph.

The more you press the skin after your prick the finger with something like blood glucose lancet or needle the more lymph contaminate the blood = crenated cells due to osmosis (lymph is thicker than blood) and various formations (crystals, fibers, …) will be present under the microscope. The Live Blood Analysis specialist will tell you that your blood looks like this but actually it is more about how your lymph looks like.

Sure all lymph drains into the blood eventually and then is filtered by kidneys but if your vein blood looked like the Live Blood Analysis person want you to believe then probably you would have even worse health problems than you may have now.

Crenated red blood cells due to contamination of blood sample with lymph

In order to move the lymph those formations in lymphatic system have to be dissolved by taking the serrapeptase, pancreatin, bromelain, papain, vitamin K COMPLEX – for dissolving the calcium structures in lymphatic system. Then add Neem about 15-20grams daily (if there are no bad reactions) as tea and the lymph should start move.

If the lymphatic vessels are stuck then the blood has a hard time to flow into the blood vessels because normally there is constant leakage of blood plasma from the blood capillaries into the tissues and then some of the fluid goes back to the blood capillaries and the remaining part goes to the lymphatic vessels.

If the lymphatic vessels are FULL of solid garbage then the blood plasma (what carry the nutrients like proteins) can not leak freely into the tissues and then back to the lymphatic vessels -> thick blood (proteins stay in the blood plasma), hypoxic tissues, toxic cellular waste is not drained out by lymphatic vessels. The visible results are edema, puffy look and a lot of water weight. The hidden effects are acidity of the tissues, toxicity of the tissues, bad oxygenation of the tissues, ineffective distribution of nutrition into the tissues, ineffective removal of the wastes from the tissues,…

3. You can be deficient in Thiamine without end-stage Beriberi

You can be VERY deficient in Thiamine even with healthy diet.

Claiming that you can’t be deficient is the same as to say that you can not be deficient in vitamin D because we have sun.

Of course you can be deficient – vitamin D depends upon a lot of biochemical steps in order to be in the functional form in the body. And even supplemental vitamin D3 needs some steps in liver and kidneys in order to become the functional molecule we need.

Also one could say that you can’t be deficient in amino acids (protein) if you eat meat a few times a week. Here is the same answer – sure you can be deficient. Without stomach acid and pepsin you get nothing from meat. It is not about what you eat – it is about what you absorb.

The RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) for protein is 50 grams so without healthy digestion it is very hard to get that amount assimilated from food even if you would have nutritionally great diet with meat and plant protein sources like beans, soy, peas and lentils.

For those with impaired digestion and absorption the easiest way to get protein is desiccated liver powder, whey protein or brewer’s yeast.

You can also buy for a good price the amino acids supplement that contains the free form amino acids so they don’t need to undergo the digestion by stomach acid and enzymes in order to be absorbed.

NOW Foods have product named Amino-9 Essentials Powder which contains all 9 essential amino acids in free form.

Amino acid supplements are one of the most underrated products and you rarely find some website outside the bodybuilding to write about them.

But get back to the deficiencies. Let me give you some theory about the next vitamins:

  • vitamin C deficiency = bleeding gums – scurvy; yes a lot of people may have subclinical(?) scurvy
  • vitamin D deficiency = tooth decay, weak immunity
  • vitamin K deficiency = atherosclerosis, bone spurs, tooth decay
  • vitamin B12 deficiency = weight loss, depression, low energy
  • vitamin B9 deficiency = low neurotransmitters – depression, anxiety
  • vitamin B1 Thiamin deficiency = the symptoms of Beriberi; I am sure that symptoms like psoriasis (skin lesions), brain fog, memory loss, edema, heart disease, orthostatic hypotension… are the symptoms of Beriberi. One does not need to experience total breakdown of the body to be classified as deficient in thiamine.

Those people who developed full blown Beriberi due to malnutrition were fed very bad diets – like pure starch or didn’t eat anything for a long time. We can’t compare us with them because we still have (unless there is some rare genetic or environmental condition) enough of vitamins even in “junk food diet” to survive somehow. But that does not mean it is enough to thrive, maybe just enough to become chronically sick but stay alive.

Just because we are still alive that doesn’t mean you can not be deficient and have what I call subclinical(?) Beriberi. It is all about the subjective opinion where you put the line that defines scurvy, Beriberi or Pellagra (vitamin B3 deficiency).

Our small intestine is a mess with SIBO, fungal overgrowth and inflamed/atrophied villi with low digestive enzymes output so it is not so easy to absorb vitamins and other nutrients from food. And even the amount what we absorb is being further depleted by toxicity and infections.

Drugs and bad working kidneys also affect the vitamin stores of the body. And if you have low acetylcholine production then everything what is taken care of by Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) does not perform optimally – and everything that we don’t control by our will in the body is controlled by ANS.

4.What causes psoriasis? Low acetylcholine, infection or neurotoxins?

I start out saying that fruit is great source of carbohydrates in my opinion – it contains fiber so it is not like drinking the juice from oranges or something. Also in the most fruits there is glucose and fructose without chemical bond so it is not sucrose like table sugar.

The disaccharides like sugar (sucrose) depend on enzymes produced by intestinal villi that will break them down into the simple sugars. Those villi are usually damaged and atrophied due to long-term bad diet, deficiencies, drugs, SIBO and fungal overgrowth. Small intestine is inflamed so the enzymatic output that should take care of disaccharides is low. That gives the bacteria and fungi the chance to feed on that undigested disaccharides that stay in the small intestine for a long time.

Think about it that way: if you were alone in the island what would you eat? Firstly probably started looking for some high-carbohydrates food like fruits. Then maybe some fish or other animal as meat, but the base of your diet would be the fruits and some vegetable, nuts and seeds.

Now about the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) dysfunction and neurotoxins. Fungi and bacteria produce neurotoxins -> ANS dysfunction. Probably the most famous neurotoxin is Botulinum toxin which is in use in cosmetic and medical industry.

And here again I have to mention the serious negative effects of root canal teeth that are full of various strains of bacteria that produce (neuro)toxins.

After some time of subclinical(?) deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients the nerves can become damaged. However at least in case of psoriasis I can say that the nerves are usually not damaged very much because a lot of pregnant women reported that their psoriasis disappeared suddenly in just a few days (like 3 or 4 days) and it is not enough time to regenerate the nerves that would be very damaged.

Also I have personally experienced when psoriasis plaques disappeared in just a 3 days so at least in this disease the main problem in my opinion is just LOW ACETYLCHOLINE production or blocked receptors on the neurons from some toxin or maybe viral infection of the neurons.

I am not saying that the nerves are not damaged at all because possible viral infection itself is a damage. Just saying that the damage is nothing major because when the healing kicks in then it takes just about 2 weeks to get normal skin.

Sometimes just about 3 days are enough (usually 7-10 days) to get the flat pink skin with just a slight scaling and then it takes about additional 2 weeks to get 100% normal skin except the darker color and softer texture.

5. Lymphatic system and dry skin brushing

This doctor knows the importance of clean lymphatic system. He recommends Rubia cordifolia also known as Manjistha (this is not very popular herb) and Neem (very popular) to move the lymph and detox the body. I think that Neem is enough since it is cheaper, easier to get and works great!

The point is to suppress the fungus in your body – Neem, oregano oil, vitamin D3 (to support the immune system) and enzymes like serrapeptase, pancreatin, bromelain and papain to dissolve the structures in the lymph vessels. Don’t forget to vitamin K COMPLEX – this is important because without it the structures in lymphatic vessels that contain the calcium may take much longer to dissolve and move. After all calcification of the tissues and arteries is involved in a lot of health conditions.

Lymph nodes illustration

Dry skin brushing is good for lymph in the skin but psoriasis is in my opinion more the problem of stuck lymph everywhere in the body (liver, muscles, …). Our bodies will have to start moving the lymph themselves in order to get the best results not just in healing the psoriasis but improving overall health of the body.

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