Eye Floaters are Probably A Fungal Infection

Psoriatics and not just them but also a lot of people can see strange formations when looking to bright light like – sky, white PC display or white wall. The medicine still does not know exactly what are those formations and guesses that those unidentified floating objects could be collagen fibers, Red Blood Cells and white blood cells from damaged capillaries or actually any material that could get into the vitreous humour in the eye.

Anything that can get into the eye? I think that fungus can get there.

I share a theory with a couple of other people who wrote about it in the past (you can google it): eye floaters are actually a fungal infection.

Some people report that their symptoms get worse when eating a high sugar diet, take antibiotics (kill bacteria and let fungal species to grow) but symptoms improve when taking antifungal drugs. This is very similar to psoriasis which thrives on high sugar diet and improves or completely disappears on antifungals like Nystatin.

Fungi or eye floaters present in patients with psoriasis

One of the major clues that make me think about eye floaters as fungal infection are the photos of fungus. Just take a look at the next pictures.

Eye floaters are usually seen when you look at bright wall, at the sky or PC display.

Eye floaters are usually seen when you look at bright wall, at the sky or PC display.

Eye floaters or fungal infection?

You can see fungal hyphae (body), conidiophores (branches) and spores. Magnification: 400X.

Candida, Aspergillus,... or eye floaters?

In this picture you can see the whole structure of fungus with spores. Magnification: 400X.

This is the macroscopic view of mold you saw in the photos above.

This is the macroscopic view of mold you saw in the photos above.

Do these photos look very similar? I think the answer is sure – yes.

Aging is not the real cause of floaters

Doctors usually say that eye floaters are just a symptom of aging. Well, that surely does not explain why so many children and young adults suffer from floaters. Also in some cases eye floaters spontaneously disappear completely.

Even more curious is the fact that antifungal drugs like fluconazole can cure or greatly alleviate the symptoms of eye floaters. And those experiences are not reported just by the regular users on internet discussion boards but also in scientific literature. One article says about candida endophthalmitis that caused eye floaters and visual loss. The treatment with fluconazole took 5 weeks.[1]

I think that a lot of problems is caused by fungal infections because very most of these subclinical infections can survive in the body for a long time before they cause massive inflammation and major symptoms. I am not 100% sure that eye floaters are caused by fungus but it is very possible and here are strong clues that make me think so.

Natural antifungals for eye floaters

Now the question is how to resolve the eye floaters. It is the same as any other health issue – correct the deficiencies and detoxify. Then the body is capable to eliminate the fungal infections and cure the eye floaters.

To support the body it is good to take serrapeptase, papain and various essential oils that exhibit the strong antifungal properties.

One of the best and extremely potent natural antifungal products is oregano oil.

Serious acute and life threatening infectious conditions should be still managed by man-made drugs but subclinical fungal infections that grow actually in every chronically ill person can be (and should be since doctors usually can not find any problem in subclinical fungal infections) managed with natural products.

Oregano oil is taken internally or put on the skin to be absorbed transdermally. Never put oregano oil directly in the eyes!

1.) L Au, K Guduru, G Lipscomb, and SP Kelly. Candida endophthalmitis: A critical diagnosis in the critically ill. Clin Ophthalmol. Dec 2007; 1(4): 551–554.

55 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    You mention oregano oil for infections. What has your experience been w/ taking garlic (allicin) for infections compared to oregano oil? Have you tried the allicin?

    • John says:

      Garlic is great but most people can’t accept the body odor they would have after eating garlic.

      Considering that eliminating the fungi is a long process like for 3 months at least it is more convenient to use essential oils.

      Allicin may be good if it is stabilized because standard extracts of allicin will contain no allicin after about a month after extraction.

  2. Maria says:

    Thank you ! I have floaters and I will try oregano oil.

  3. Kelley says:

    Your article is 100%correct. I am suffering with it now. In my eyes, ears, nose and places I don’t even wan to mention. My quality of life has dramatically declined Anne doctors have been of no help.

    • John says:

      Eye floater can not be in ears and nose… Or do you mean you have eye floaters and also fungal infection in ears and nose?

      • James says:

        the floaters are hyphae, this type of infection seems to start in the nasal cavity and spread around from their, to the eyes and even in the brain, spine, and behind the cheeks. it can be intracranial which means it has started invading through the bone of the skull and also can invade the bones of the spine and rest of the body. I have this currently and have experience massive headaches accompanied by vision loss etc, i talked to many doctors all of which have no clue what to do, so i have been buying pet intended fluconazole tablets as the doctors thought it was risky to prescribe? 200mg a day for 13-18 weeks, for my case as its invaded my bone. going to try the oregano oil and the serrapeptase soon as it arrives. fluconazole works well im not having headaches anymore. if i had the money i would get voriconazole as it seems to be much more effective but fluconazole works fine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Skin fungi can be treated with 7% peroxide (H2O2) during about a year.

  4. M57net says:


  5. M57net says:

    can you put this oil on your eyelids to be absorbed quicker to the eyes?

    • John says:

      No, oregano oil and other essential oils are strong so NEVER put them in the eyes!

      Another thing is that fungal infections are usually present in digestive tract so I think that it is useless applying antifungals transdermally without addressing the digestion – small intestine and colon.

      And eye floaters may not be fungal infection so personally I would not put anything like essential oils on eyes or around the eyes.

  6. Alex says:

    I woke up one morning with TONS of floaters and they are identical to the ones in those pictures. Hundreds of tiny circles and many long, twisting lines. I have always suspected that it was fungal since I have constant yellow phlegm in my throat and eyes every morning. It’s been five years now and my symptoms still persist.

    • John says:

      If eye floaters are really a fungal infection then they may persist forever because fungal and yeast infections are very stubborn – nail fungus, psoriasis, dandruff, …

      • Alex Freiburg says:

        I’ve seen opthamogists and they don’t see the floaters but they are definitely there. My main question is… How in the WORLD are they getting into the vitreous humour??

        • John says:

          If it is really a fungal infection then it is easy to get into the vitreous humour.

          Fungal spores can travel through the blood, lymph, grow in any tissues – nails, hair, skin, …

          It is really easy for fungi to grow anywhere in the body when there is weak blood flow, weak immune system,…

      • Anonymous says:

        colloidal silver kills nail fungus!

  7. Phil says:

    has anyone had any success with the remedies mentioned here?


    • John says:

      Hi Phil,

      digestive health is top priority.

      When small intestine, stomach and colon are healthy then body can keep up with systemic or widespread infections.

      Elimination of yeast and fungal overgrowth in digestive tract will GREATLY help overall.

      Fungal or yeast overgrowth in blood or tissues is directly related to blood flow and oxygenation in those parts of the body.

  8. alberto says:

    but why does the doctors don’t find the cure into 2016 DC???
    I ‘m cure my anger with “mary”, but i still wonder why the BIG PHARMA don’t want resolve this big problem for millions of people….

  9. Dr- Im not a doctor(web searcher) says:

    Those are amino acids it would be imposible for any fungus to work its way into the eye and on the case of amino acis unless you know how to seperate nitrogen from the compound carefully in your eye i would recommend doing focus exercises for the eye.

    *i have also been reading about causes of these symptoms and from a paper by hulman edu i found out the these protiens or molecuse are release in early on set starvation by the body. From that i would note if your condition is not triggerd by age, i would recommend you make sure you have a full daily diet
    2 litters of liquids( water or/and juices), breakfast and dinner with what ever else you feel appropriate in between*

    * If the eye is’nt getting the right nutrient try omega 3 pills or eat more green vegetables.*

    • John says:

      Fungus can get into the eye as well as it can get into ANY part of the body.

      Yes, eye floaters can be caused by bad nutrition in my opinion as well and they may be some protein chunks (debris).

      • Tomasz says:

        Hello John.
        Of course it is fungus, but I am not sure what kind of. Mine fungus looks like Aspergillus. You can easily see your inner eye fungal infection in the morning when you wake up and look with squinting eyes into window glow. Do not blink. Focus your look at light and let your’s black dots to stay in place. They will run down slowly with your in eye fluid. You can see that black dots, most annoying and biggest are in fact the fungus roots. They form black dots because eyes are in constant movements and so fungus swimming around eyes and moving all the time days and nights and eventually they become entangled. They can be removed through vitrectomy surgery by sucking it from eye ball. Maybe non invasive method can be effective by antifungal diet or treatment but fungus are most durable organism in nature and they are virtually imperishable, and very easily adapt to new environments and drugs.

  10. gs says:

    what dose of fluconazole is required to treat eye fungas

    • John says:

      If eye floaters were really caused by fungal infection then the fungus is probably present in many areas of the body.

      Therefore I think that it is important to work on anti-fungal diet, supplements, deficiencies,… and do not use drugs like fluconazole alone.

      These antifungal drugs are hard on the liver so the dosage vary and it depends heavily on the duration of treatment.

    • Anonymous says:

      3 months 200mg daily did not help floaters completely, some got lyzed. Got relief from sugar addiction. Probably a stronger voriconazole may help.

  11. Marty says:

    John, its been some time since this article. Were you able to follow trough with the treatment, and was there a visible difference? Thanks!

    • John says:

      I never had bad floaters so I can’t say anything specific from my own experience.

      If the eye floaters are really a fungal problem then it is more than likely that the fungus grow pretty much everywhere in the body at levels higher than normal.

      It always starts with the digestion – so eliminate as much starches as possible and sucrose and fructose of course.

  12. Reiji says:

    Hi John
    I have always though that those floaters looks exactly like the fungus
    and it looks like the picture above but with slightly different shape
    The floaters in my case are not very visible except for one floater
    Which is visible any time any where,
    it looks like 2 “hyphae” crossed over
    And there is a grayish black spot in the center of them
    (I’m not sure about “center” part as it is not easy to focus on it)
    With some small round circles like the pic
    I don’t really know what is should do about that
    I’m 18 BTW so , I don’t believe in “aging” part as you explained

    • John says:

      If they are crossed over that makes sense that the center (where they cross) will be darker.

      Most doctors and the whole medical system is set to persuade you that most chronic health problems are “a natural process of aging…”.

      NO WAY!

  13. Wish says:

    Has anyone with candida eye floaters been treated with fluconazole by an eye doctor?
    I am pretty sure mine are candida related.
    I wonder if doctors would agree that yeast related eye floaters exist! Is there any way to be diagnosed if floaters are fungus or not?
    I want to be treated with antifungal medication despite its side effects.

    • John says:

      I do not think that there is a lot of doctors who would admit that the eye floaters are fungus(-related).

      I think that eating monosaccharide based diet and Nystatin with oregano oil (taken orally) is enough to get rid of fungal and yeast overgrowth in the gut and the body. But it takes time (at least) – 1 month and often even longer because fungal infections are very stubborn what you can see in cases of nail fungus.

    • cjuan says:

      Hi, I get the feeling that they are caused by or related to [high] blood glucose [BG]. They started to appear in great numbers when my BG went out of control, suggesting a direct link. Since high glucose have already been linked to candida, it is very likely responsible for the proliferation of these nuisances [fungal infection] in the eye [indirect link]. Keeping a tight control of blood sugar might be an answer. I’d luv to hear from someone who has good BG control and yet have serious floater problems so as to rule out that possibility of a causal link, whether direct or indirect.

      high BG —— > floaters
      high BG —— > candida/or other fungal infection —— > floaters


      • Jeanne says:

        I notice too that I have many more floaters when I eat more carbs, and very few are left when I eat very low carb diet.

  14. Oilcat says:

    Took me half a century to figure out why I never feel good. I finally had my aha moment 3 years ago, it is severe Systemic Candida a common fungus overgrowth, but I have a lot of it. I have been on a no sugar diet to fight it ever since. I think I may have it genetically because I don’t remember not having the symptoms. Anyway, my eyes have been going bad and changing for the worse. Foggy vision, very red eyes, and not being able to focus. Huge branch-like floaters that my eye doc said would be “normal” for my age. Eye doc offered nada. So I started googling like crazy when my eye doc spotted manacular degeneration. It was in a very obscure thread, but I found something I have not seen elsewhere. Pure virgin coconut oil. Scared the beans outta me to try it but holemoley, for me it worked like a miracle. I bought the best quality virgin coconut oil I could find, the solid type, not the liquid. They add stuff to the liquid we don’t want. I put it in a small glass jar with an eyedropper lid. Set it down in a hot glass of water to make it flow-able. Don’t microwave it or it’ll take out some of it’s magic mojo. I refrigerate the little jar after opening, to keep anything else from growing in it. Do it prior to bed because it’s thick and distorts your vision for a bit. Close your peepers and let it work it’s magic. Caprylic Acid is just one of the antifungals in this oil, it’s widely known for fighting fungal infections in other types of application. I later found a few comments where folks use it simply for adding moisture to dry eyes. This really worked well for me but I don’t know how it’ll do for anyone else. It’s crazy good how much clearer my vision is. The fog is gone. The first time in years!

    • Oilcat says:

      P.S. Thank you so much for this great page of information!

    • John says:

      I would take coconut oil orally but if your way worked for you then great!

      • Oilcat says:

        I’ve been taking it as an anti-fungal (rotating it) orally since I began the Candida diet three years ago. I was saturated with the fungus. Still fighting against it. My eyes were reaching the tipping point. I can’t wait around anymore for the slim chance I can find a doc who even believes I am sick, much less have it in my eyes. Thank goodness for the internet and knowledgeable folks like you, who will talk about it. Thank you again!

  15. Sally says:

    Please do not ignore a sudden onset of new floater (like Alex) above one in 20 of sudden onset floaters is due to a retinal tear (easy to treat) and about 1/2 of these will develop a retina detachment (usually possible to treat- but needs eye surgery).
    There are lots of other causes of NEW sudden onset floaters – get it checked by a suitable specialist and do not risk potential blindness …

  16. Tracey says:

    I have thought these were fungi/bacteria for a long time. My doctor thinks I’m mad and said my eyes are fine, but they’re not and the doctor is wrong. I am so so pleased to find this article. I put organic pure coconut oil around my eyes, and even a couple of drops in my eyes. My eyesight improved and the fungi appear to be dying and clumping together. I’m just hoping my body can clear them totally now. I have hypothyroidism and also believe that is related to a fungal infection. I have started taking wormwood, clove, garlic and onion, as they are all anti fungal. I will let you know how I get on.

  17. Ryan says:

    Hello it looks like this thread has been dead for a while, but I have these exact symptoms and I really need to get rid of the candida. I got my eyes checked and of coarse they said I’m crazy, but I know for a fact this is exactly my problem. In my stores I see the fluconazole polls but it’s only for “yeast” and vaginal infections. I’m wondering if i took this it would clear the shit out of my eyes for good. I’m also going to cut out sugar completely and go full keto diet. No more anything that will feed the candida. I’m gunna try to starve the fuckers to death. Wish me luck. I’m also going to try oregano oil, coconut oil, and anything else that is anti fungal. And some probiotics would probably help. I would appreciate any further advice/tips for my journey to freedom.

  18. M. says:

    Hey Ryan, hope it’s going well. I’m going through something similar. I got ringworm and after a few months of trying to even understand and begin to fight this thing I realised candida was probably the underlying issue. Funnily enough I’d been transitioning towards keto (and vegan, but I’ve been vegan 10 years anyway) before knowing it could help me – I think sometimes your body, intuition or whatever can be pretty clever. Doing IF as well and trying to fast – the brain fog and depressive periods this brings on make it a bit hard to find the will power to fast for longer than 20 hours but it feels amazing when I do do it, and I understand it’s a powerful way to starve off candida. Been taking oregano oil, pau d’arco, thyme, burdock, glutamine, a bit of oleopeurin splashed into shakes – recently introduced spirulina too. Watch out for your electrolytes if you’re on a keto diet, though hopefully you already know that. Watch out for foods like mushrooms and peanut butter (related to/containing fungi/moulds). The eye floaters are freaking me out – I’m only just slowly figuring this out, so I can’t quite expect immediate results, obviously, but boy, I hope they eventually clear up… I’m trying to have detox teas and apple cider vinegar, plus probiotic-rich foods and organic veg. Tall order, especially on a budget and with a pandemic going on. Ha.
    I’m intrigued by what people say about serrapeptase, just about to investigate that. Oh and if you’re open to trying something a bit different, you might be interested in seeing if Rife frequencies (bioresonance) can help you. Good luck friends.

  19. Alex says:

    Floaters get grown after blood stream penetration in medical organizations (for blood examination or injections). Perhaps a certain strain of aspergillus or candida get into everywhere incl. brain and muscle of course – get brain fog, depression and chronic fatigue in one package. I tried >100 supplements, oregano and garlic oils clean brain fog a bit. Life-long sugar starvation (no bread, rise, potatoes), no yeast products, no alcohol. Good variable diet to support immune system and connective tissue (induces immune system at all stages).
    Erythritol and stevia powders are excellent sweeteners and bacteriostatics.

  20. Alex says:

    btw, if not selfexplanatory, the fungi appear in the vitreous by growing out of brain via cranial nerves channels.

  21. GuineauPig says:

    Wow! John, you are absolutely right! I know this for a FACT!! I have been trying to figure out what causes my athletes foot and I see these spores on the slide when I’m trying to examine specimen. I have corneal distrophy (MDF) and a few years ago I had a vitreous tear that caused lightning on the side of my eye…oddly, especially when I climbed the stairs. My vision was fine for a while, but then when the tear happened, I started getting lots of floaters. My theory is they occured when my body tried to heal my eye and lymph had yeast in it. So back to the microscope, I had a bit more trouble seeing after the tear, but I adapted. So I’m looking at the spores and guess what I saw? I noticed the floaters that was blocking my vision of the slide were the EXACT things I was looking at on the slide!! Even the way one floater is linked and branching! That’s what brought me here. I had the same theory that yeast could get into the vitreous. I’ve had the theory that my floaters were yeast for a few years, now, but I kept forgetting to look it up. I have coconut oil. A have a few hypodermic syringes from my dad’s diabetes. I just need to fill up the syringe and drop some coconut oil in my eyes (calm down…I know I need the remove the needle…one sneeze and I’m sitting in the emergency room with prying ears all around me, just dying to hear an explanation, and nobody brave enough to pull the thing out of my eye). I want to get rid of this. I’ve been spraying mouth wash on my feet twice a day. It seems to be helping. But I do seem to have a systematic problem. My biggest problem: I’m a Tootsie Pop addict. Can you help? I don’t want to take prescriptions, if I can help it. Can it be cured naturally? I’m willing to give up the Tootsie pops if I know it will help.

    • Jeanne says:

      Tootsie pops might be replaced by even more fun deserts ! I have done it.
      Look up http://www.knowthecause.com for many awesome free recipes. We have stopped putting sugar in coffee, and cook many mouthwatering recipes from there , recipes that do not feed candida, or any fungus. Good luck !

  22. Amanda Gates says:

    So you wrote this article five years ago and never followed up w your readers to tell them if you fixed the floaters. Ridiculous!!

  23. Anya says:

    If you look @ the rest of his site you’ll see he stopped it in 2019. Still appears to have a lot of good material worth looking into!

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