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Recently I have asked Doug Kaufmann, the popular host of the Know The Cause show, about his opinion on monosaccharide diet. He has the extensive experiences with researching the fungal infections and their implications in many diseases.

He is also the author of several books on antifungal diet, cancer and diabetes. If you want to understand that the problem is really not just one yeast – Candida albicans – then watch his show. Especially the next two episodes about the possible causes of cancer and diabetes.

And here is my question I asked Doug Kaufmann:


sorry to bother you with this question but this is something I really would like to know your opinion about.

What do you think about the monosaccharide based diet – avoiding any disaccharides and starches?

The diet is very similar to SCD and based on assumption of low digestive capabilities of intestinal villi and inability to produce disaccharidase enzymes that break down the disaccharides.

The downsides of this monosaccharide diet are:

  • too much SUGAR (fructose) for those who spend a lot of energy (athletes and physically hard working people).
  • price of food

Your phase 1 diet is also quite restrictive but allows the starches and disaccharides.

Personally I know that some disaccharides and starches from foods in your Phase One diet is not a deal breaker but complete elimination of disaccharides and starches is still better in my opinion in first weeks of regimen.

The downsides of Phase One (my opinion) are:

  • low high carbohydrates foods for people with high daily demands on energy intake

I am asking this because many people with some health issues have impaired digestion so digesting meat (protein) and nuts, oils (fats) will make them lose weight and won’t get them enough energy for daily activities.

The question is what would you recommend to an athlete who can not afford lose weight (muscles)?

Eating rice or potatoes as carbohydrates source is not allowed on any of the diet – Monosaccharide diet or your Phase One diet.

Thank you for your work,

Doug Kaufmann answers:

“How I wish you had the 45 years of experience I have in working with very sick people. Is mine an “athletes diet?” It was for me as my source of health and energy for decades. John, for thousands and thousands of sick people who are now better, it boiled down, not to mono or disaccharides or dietary starches or trans fats, but to foods that fed vs. foods that starved their pathogenic fungal infestations. Once we know that they are symptom and disease free and they begin to get out of bed and get outside to walk and work out, they will find as many do, that dietary expansion generally follows. Great questions! Many thanks! Doug”

You can find the Phase One diet program on the


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