Mold Growing In the Electrical Outlet

Mold can live almost anywhere and often it is a main cause of a disease.

Today I must share with you these pictures of the mold that I have got. As far as I know the mold did not grow anywhere on the wall apparently due to the sufficient ventilation.

However, even a little of the condensed moisture have allowed the mold to grow in the socket-outlet around the plug.

This is the French type of plug used mostly in Europe.

This is the French type of plug used mostly in Europe.

You should not be frightened since one small mold like this can barely cause some disease in most people. This photo is just to remind you that mold can grow in places you would never think of.

That’s why you should check every possible source of contamination.

The air conditioning units are one of the common places where the molds can grow and the air flowing through that systems may disseminate the spores all through the building.

Mattresses are another possible source of mold and that’s why you should change your mattress every once in a while. The body is producing heat and mostly in cold rooms the condensation occurs.

Mold does not need a lot of moisture to grow so you should always make sure the places like the kitchens and bathrooms are properly ventilated because the steam condenses on the walls, doors, windows and tiles.

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