Real Price of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular health supplements or superfoods if you want. Its antiviral and antifungal effects are remarkable and it is also a convenient source of energy. It is often used internally and externally in psoriasis.

How expensive is the coconut oil?

Recently I ran into the discussion on Facebook how overpriced was one of the coconut oil products. They called the price of 22 USD for 29 oz. of coconut oil (1.81 lbs) a rip off.

But how much does the coconut oil cost in the countries of production – in Indonesia or Philippines?

It’s 1 dollar for 2 lbs (908 grams).

So according to this ALL products are RIP OFFS!

We can check the prices of various commodities easily on


As you can see the current price is about 1 100 USD for 1 metric tonne (1000 kg/2 204 lbs). It is just 1.10 dollar per 1 kg (2,2 lbs).

1 Litre of coconut oil = 913 grams (2 lbs)
1 Litre = 33.8 fl. oz. of coconut oil = 32 oz.

If you check the current prices in e-shops you will find out that the average price of 2 lbs of coconut oil (908 grams) is about 20 dollars.

Be sure that not everything over 1 dollar per 2 lbs of coconut oil is the net income for a company. There are many expenses like for transport, packaging, distribution and the seller your are buying the product from.

So, generally is the coconut oil overpriced?

Yes, a lot.

But it is just because it’s so popular. If you are willing to pay 20 dollars for 2 lbs of oil then you are one of those who keep the prices of coconut oil so high.

What coconut oil to buy?

coconut_freshPeople are looking for the best brand of coconut oil, however if you buy the coconut oil from a reputable company it is unlikely that you get bad product.

What should you buy is cold pressed coconut oil from fresh coconuts and the other phrases are just a matter of marketing.

And even with “cold pressed” you must know if use of this label is regulated in your country or country you are buying the product from. Otherwise the producer can state on label “cold pressed” but you will never know what does the word “cold” mean. It can be processing under 40 degrees fahrenheit/celsius or 200 degrees fahrenheit

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