10 Reasons Against Raw Food Diet In Psoriasis

Eating raw food diet in psoriasis is not the best way how to escape this detrimental disease.

1. Generations adapted to cooked foods

Whether you like it or not humans evolved to the point where many of us need to eat cooked food to feel satisfied. It is not just about the fact that we need more energy to carry on our daily schedules but also our digestive tracts adapted to cooked foods over the thousands of years and now we are capable of digesting the cooked starches (rice, potatoes, various grains) or cooked protein (meat, beans, lentils or eggs); and if we tried to eat raw potatoes or meat our digestive organs would have really hard time to get some energy and nutrients out of that food.

It is widely accepted by anthropologist that the humans have been using the fire for at least 250 000 years. Really enough of time has passed for digestive tract to adapt to different foods (other than popular raw and paleo foods) that are cooked and thus much more easier to digest.

I don’t think that paleo lifestyle is the way to go either.

Those paleo proponents should really better eat the raw meat because it is even more paleo than cooked meat. I mean if paleo proponents claim that our digestive tract had not enough of time to adapt to grains or starches, then I claim that the same is maybe right about the cooked meat.

So why don’t they eat raw meat?

2. Most people loosing weight on raw foods

dietSome people may like the fact they start loosing weight once they start a raw food diet, but there is a lot of people who struggle to keep on their weight and losing the weight unintentionally despite eating a lot of raw food.

Many of those who are loosing weight are already thin and unintentional weight loss in thin people is never good.

Unintentionally weight loss is usually caused by calorie malnutrition or protein malnutrition.

Eating the solid raw food diet may lead to both of these malnutrition states.

Chewing and subsequently digesting the starches from raw food is much more complicated than digesting the cooked starches. The same applies to the protein sources. Partially hydrolyzed protein (it means cooked) whether it’s the meat or plant sources like beans is substantially easier to digest than raw protein. Also the cooking makes it taste much better in most cases.

Do you really want to get severely malnourished when trying to cure your psoriasis?

3. Protein deficiency

It has been already proved that protein sources differ not just by their amino acids content but also by protein assimilation in the body.

Whey protein is the best option for most of us – easy to digest, rich source of full spectrum amino acids, good price, availability and for those who care about the palatability – it tastes good!

Eating the plant protein in foods like lentils, beans or tofu will never be so effective as one serving (30 grams) of whey protein concentrate (WPC) or isolate (WPI).

I am not saying that drinking milk or whey protein concentrate is the best option for everybody but it is probably still better than suffering due to protein deficiency.

Plant protein sources in food or as supplement is much harder to assimilate than whey protein which is superior to other forms of protein.

There is much more people suffering from protein deficiency that you would think. Not just in developing countries, many of those with impaired digestion may suffer from protein deficiency. Edema, weight gain (beer belly), joint pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, etc.. are often associated with protein deficiency.

If anything, protein deficiency will contribute to psoriasis severity.

4. Blood sugar swings


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