“Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis” by Mikhail Peslyak

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Recently, I have been asked what I thought about the extensive psoriasis papers from Russian author Mikhail Peslyak. The link to his free PDF papers are on his website – www.psorias.info

I know the work of Mr. Peslyak for years and I must say that it is that great somebody wrote the paper like he did.

I, myself know that you must spent hundreds or even thousands of hours of research and writing to be able to complete the work like Mr. Peslyak did.

My review

The paper is heavily scientific so most people with psoriasis will find little use to it but frankly it is not supposed to be the paper for average reader. It is the paper from a researcher who wanted to get to the real cause of psoriasis as close as possible.

The work is divided in two parts – “Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis Part 1. Systemic psoriatic process” and “Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis Part 2. Local processes”. The latest versions of both of these papers were published in 2012.

The first document discusses the systemic biochemical and physiological processes associated with psoriasis; the second one describes the processes running locally at the spots of psoriasis plaques.

I must say it is always great to know there are some researchers who point out the real underlying causes of psoriasis. Mikhail Peslyak in one of them and in his paper he features the next causes:

  • hyperpermeability of the intestinal walls
  • problems with bile acids production or with bile flow
  • small intestine bacterial overgrowth
  • overloaded detoxification pathways
  • endotoxemia

If you compare this to the causes I have been repeatedly writing on this blog you will find out that I totally agree with this. Impaired bile acids production or bile flow lead to fungal and bacterial overgrowth (mostly in small intestine) which will inflame the small intestine and allow leaking the endotoxins into the bloodstream which will cause the systemic inflammation.

As you probably already know, systemic inflammation is associated with hypercoagulation->low oxygenation of the tissues->low energy production in the cells->low detoxification of the cells->…. and the vicious circle of toxicity and deficiency just started.

The weakest point in the paper “Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis” in my opinion is omitting the fungal connection to psoriasis. Actually, in the paper I found the word “fungi” mentioned only once and it was in relation to SIBO.

The fact is that fungal origin of psoriasis is very unpopular in scientific and medical community and that’s why there isn’t so many reliable studies on yeasts (Candida albicans) and fungi and their role in psoriasis.

Maybe that is the cause why the author of “Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis” didn’t want to include the fungal link in his papers. The papers are really science based and strive on referring every claim by some scientific study. So if he haven’t found enough psoriasis-fungi connection studies maybe he decided to let this area blank in his papers.

I really admire the fact that Mr. Peslyak didn’t use the expressions like “autoimmune” in his paper either. The “autoimmune” word is used in his whole work just twice and even there it is there just because of quotation (citation).

Personally, I didn’t focus my own research on the psoriasis associated inflammatory pathways in the body which in my opinion are actually just trying to resolve the infection (fungal and secondary bacterial infection) on the skin. The problem is thick blood and constricted blood vessels and EVERYBODY who is looking for autoimmunity as the most psoriasis researchers today do will fail because there is NO autoimmune cause.

Up to date there is NOT one scientific study which would prove the autoimmunity in psoriasis!

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2 Responses

  1. ghul says:

    i remember reading about it years ago and i was blown away, one of the best papers on psoriasis. It felt so liberating since all my life i assumed psoriasis is autoimmune only and by extension genetic and that nothing can be done about it apart from creams and the like. wow

    • John says:

      Sure, we all have been lied to about the autoimmunity. It is funny how those internet trolls, doctors and researchers are pushing the autoimmune theory without ANY proof of autoimmunity.

      In psoriasis there is fast new skin cells production because body is continuously trying to get rid of a fungal infection attacking the skin cells.

      The best way how to do it is to increase the growth rate of the new skin cells. The regrowth must be fast in order to be faster than fungus would grow into the new skin cells. Bad blood flow is the problem – constricted blood vessels due to ANS dysfunction (adrenaline hyporesponsiveness…) and hypercoagulation (fibrin, blood platelets, ….).

      Bromelain in high-doses may help clear up plaques fast. By high doses I mean about 10 capsules (10x 500 mg) of 2400 GDU/g of bromelaine daily on an empty stomach in 2-3 divided doses (like 4-3-3 in the morning, afternoon and before sleep, respectively). The emptier the stomach is the better.

      Bromelain will greatly help dissolve the fibrin and thin the blood. So people on blood thinning drugs should NOT take bromelain!

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