Dead sea and psoriasis

Dead Sea Vacation for Psoriasis May Cause High Cholesterol

This post is to show you how easy it is to get misdiagnosed on cholesterol blood tests due to increased intake of iodine. Whether you go on a vacation by the sea or supplement the iodine from the bottle the results may be exactly the same. You can read about the effects of iodine on cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque formation in my previous post “Iodine dissolves atherosclerotic plaque thus increasing cholesterol levels”.

So read this article while keeping this in mind:

  • Iodine supplementation often leads to high cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • High cholesterol serum levels after starting iodine supplementation would be caused by dissolving the existing cholesterol deposits in the body.

The next lines will explain to you people how the medicine works.

The most doctors have no clue about the effects of Iodine on serum cholesterol levels. They connect the iodine usually just to thyroid gland and the levels of thyroid hormones in the body. And even then all they usually do is prescribe you the thyroid medication and sometime recommend you to eat more fish.

Misdiagnosis due to your recent vacation

Psoriasis blood test for cholesterolSo let’s suppose the completely HEALTHY patient was on a vacation by the sea. After 2 weeks of breathing the air with iodine, eating local seafoods full of iodine and bathing in the sea water full of iodine has an appointment in the doctor’s office.

It is just a regular check-up of health status… but the serum cholesterol readings are way HIGH!

The doctor says “you have to take statins because you have dangerously high cholesterol”.

Patient listens to his doctor and take statins, the drugs which are very damaging to the muscles including the heart.

The fatigue, muscle loss, muscle pain, liver damage, type 2 diabetes,… all appears on these drugs and the patient is prescribed with another drugs to treat his worsening condition.

He is prescribed some NSAID drugs, heart medication, addictive muscle relaxants, anti-diabetic drugs and maybe even some antidepressants because the pain is “maybe just in your head” according to his doctor.

Now the patient has all those problems just because the doctor initially misdiagnosed him. Actually he could not make a proper diagnosis because he didn’t know about the real cause of high cholesterol. And frankly how many doctors really care about finding the real cause of some health problem?

So the patient had became the drug makers’ customer for life.

Doctors are trained mostly in pharmaceutical drugs

Doctors - surgeryDoctors are not well trained in natural supplements and even not in an essential nutrition where the iodine belongs definitely. They have read about the essential nutrients in their medical textbooks but it is not the main focus of their education.

They are very well trained to treat acute health problems and the man-made drugs are very important for those cases. The drugs really save the millions of lives when used properly when necessary and not for longer than necessary.

Sadly, today the doctors prescribe the drugs as long-term solution without proper diagnosis which is also against the Hippocratic Oath. But who cares when the drugs sales generate the income in hundreds of billions of dollars.

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