Inflammation Causes The Symptoms Of Psoriasis

Yes, inflammation is what causes the symptoms of psoriasis and other diseases!

And we may ask “what is the most common cause of inflammation?“.

Well, it is the infection.

People do not get it and do not want to believe it because it is so simple.

Small intestine is inflamed or there is some kind of dental infection – those two are the ROOT causes in almost 100% of cases of chronic diseases.

Down the stream after some time latent viruses reactivate and cause additional inflammation and nervous system damage.

Just check out how many viruses cause nervous system damage and malfunction.

So, the point is to work on dental infections, intestinal infections and those common relatively weak viruses will be put back by not overloaded immune system.

First line defense against Inflammation is adrenaline?

Adrenaline, blood flow and psoriasis.Nervous system is MORE important in inflammation than IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!

Those systems work together but doctors and all medicine focus just on IMMUNE SYSTEM when it comes to inflammation. That is why they will never resolve those “autoimmune” diseases. They totally ignore the role of adrenal glands, adrenergic and cholinergic pathways and HPA axis in inflammation.

Nervous system and immune system both use – acetylcholine!!! Acetylcholine and adrenaline are STRONGLY connected – SYMPATHETIC and PARASYMPATHETIC autonomic nervous system.

That is why ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK is treated with ADRENALINE!

ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK is considered to be caused by IMMUNE SYSTEM but treated with ADRENALINE? First line defense in ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK is ADRENALINE!!!

If you understand how important is the inflammation in pathophysiology of diseases then you will understand the single most important thing leading you to get better. At least this is my humble opinion.

Important supplementation for Autonomic Nervous System

The next lines will present you with some tips how inflammation can be attenuated.

Magnesium calms down the nervous system


Many people know how important magnesium is for nervous system and how miraculously it may improve some health conditions. Yes, magnesium is important for nervous system and it may substantially improve many conditions including anxiety, psoriasis, muscle pain, depression, fibromyalgia, brain fog and many other inflammatory conditions. Because virtually everything, every chronic disease is inflammatory in its roots.

Magnesium calms down the nervous system which is so important for proper inflammatory reaction. Again, nervous system is connected to immune system and all other systems in the body.

B6 – pyridoxine for neurotransmitters


Maybe you read about the B6 supplementation in relation to condition called Pyroluria which makes the body losing huge amounts of B6 vitamin which lead to various symptoms – mostly nervous and mental problems.

Sure, since B6 is critically important for the production of neurotransmitters you will get in trouble without it.

A lot of people focus on this condition called Pyroluria solely as if it were caused by bad genetics.

They totally ignore the possibility of infection and inflammation causing pyroluria.

Again, if they see a correlation that does not mean there is a causation!

It is like to believe that sun rays is what makes the air warm in the summer. Sure, sun rays make the air warm in the summer but not those sun rays that shine on us. It is the heat accumulated in ocean currents what makes the air warm in the summer.

Psoriatics seem to be B6 deficient in general so supplementation at least with good quality B-complex supplement should be essential.

Protein and amino acids for nervous system


Protein is the single most important macronutrient supporting the anabolic state of the body. Without enough protein intake you can eat as much fat and carbohydrates as you want but you won’t get

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